KPGFootball’s final 2018 edition of Weekly Winners…

Well, we have been extremely accurate all season long with our predictions so why should the final weekend of the 2018 Kentucky High School Football season be any different. Our coverage is year long and, both frankly and curiously, we get more hits in our individual, out-of-season evaluations of players and teams than we get in season. Bottom line, just because it is morphing into winter conditioning season doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere. Here’s how we see this week-end.

Class 1A, Pikeville vs. Beechwood;

These are two teams we have picked at the top of the Class 1A weekly, top-ten poll all year long. Neither of these teams even look like what one would expect from a school in Kentucky’s smallest classification. We like Pikeville in this game for the reasons we set out fully in this week’s Hail Pikeville: Championship Edition article.

KPGFootball Weekly Winner: Pikeville

Class 2A, Mayfield vs. CAL;

Both teams here are undefeated and both these teams have shown they will both play and beat all comers, Classification be damned. Mayfield has the most balanced offensive attack on the western side of Covington Catholic. With the exception of South Warren and Covington Catholic, we pick Mayfield against any team in Lexington this weekend. Last year, Joe Morris was denied a State Championship owing largely to one player from Danville named Dmaurie VanCleave. CAL has the Babin Twins, John Young, and Milton Wright, but sadly, no VanCleave…

KPGFootball Weekly Winner: Mayfield

Class 3A, Corbin vs. Louisville Central;

This game will bit the team which slew the mighty, 3A, beast known as Boyle County against, arguably, the best looking collection of athletes to get off the bus over the next few days at Kroger Field in Central. Corbin will be without superstar Class of 2021 OL, Logan Smith, out with injury. We still like Justin Haddix’s Hounds in this one. However, if Corbin is too emotionally spent from exorcising the Boyle Demon which beat the fire out of them in last year’s championship, the Hounds will find Dantzler’s Central team has the horses to beat them.

KPGFootball Weekly Winner: Corbin

Class 4A, Franklin-Simpson vs. Johnson Central;

This is a replay of last year’s title game which wasn’t close. Franklin Simpson beat the crap out of the Eagles in 2017. Of course in 2016, the Eagles beat the crap out of Franklin Simpson in the Championship game that year. What is the difference between this year and last? Well, we don’t believe the Wildcats are quite as good up front as a year ago and Johnson Central has Joe Jackson.

KPGFootball Weekly Winner: Johnson Central

Class 5A, South Warren vs. Covington Catholic;

We are the only press outlet in Kentucky who consistently ranked South Warren over Covington Catholic virtually the entire season in the AP, weekly top-ten poll. We know, Covington Catholic beat the Hell out of South Warren in last year’s semis. Well, the poll was to measure the ability of the teams in 2018, not in 2017, or that was our understanding anyway. These are the best two football teams in Kentucky regardless of Classification and we believe either of these teams would beat the above winners, and Louisville Male who will be the 6A Champion. However, we have to pick a winner here and we would be entirely inconsistent to pick this game differently from how we voted all year.

KPGFootball Weekly Winner: South Warren

Class 6A; Louisville Male vs. Scott County;

Talk about exorcising a demon, Male had to beat Louisville Trinity to even get here. Scott County lost three times this year, and two of them were to 6-6 Henry Clay and a Frederick Douglass team which (thanks to Scott County) didn’t get out of round 2. Male is 13-1 with its only loss to a Saint Xavier team it paid back in the playoffs. It’s been an nice run Scott County, but we like Male in this one by a double digit margin.

KPGFootball Weekly Winner: Louisville Male

Well, that’s how we see it. It was an honor to report on football this season and kids are already hard at work toward coming back better next year. Keep following us as we head into winter workouts with camp-combine season here before you know it.

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there that #WeGotUCovered and to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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