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These guys have been yearly contenders for the 3A title

’25 dual threat has been more of a threat running than throwing

How tall is Jarren Johnson? How tall is seven (7) wins against zero (0) losses? We get a lot of questions about this prospect’s dimensions from coaches calling the magazine. We have seen him listed anywhere from 5’6,” to 5’8.” His weight is consistently in the 175-180-pound range. It reminds me of a call about Wan’Dale Robinson UK made to Chris Vaughn at his training facility in Louisville, Kentucky (Aspirations) about which Chris once told us. UK asked him, “How tall is Wan’Dale [Robinson]?” Vaughn responded, “How tall is 4.3-seconds in the 40-yard dash?” Good point. UK took a chance on Robinson [Wan’Dale initially committed and signed with Nebraska before transferring back home to UK], and it paid off handsomely. Johnson is among the best players in the western end of Kentucky. Even more importantly than that, Johnson’s team is undefeated with a better than average chance of finishing the regular season that way. How tall is Jarren Johnson? Tall enough.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball
This past Friday night, Union beat Trigg 42-12 running its record to 7-0

Jarren Johnson is a football playing Jessie, for those of you who have been around the game. Johnson is a guy who performs. Johnson is a guy on whom the Braves can count. Johnson is a football player’s, football player who keeps his eyes affixed firmly on the ultimate prize, his team’s continued success.

Friday night, for example, against Trigg County in Cadiz, Kentucky. Johnson was a perfect eight for eight through the air, throwing 2-TD’s. Johnson rushed for 155-yards in only 10-carries with two of the ten hitting pay dirt.

Not coincidentally, Union won the game 42-12. Even less of a coincidence, Union County is now 7-0.

Johnson has been “doing it” all year for the Braves. On the year, Johnson has completed 21 of 37 passing attempts for 324 and 4-TD’s. On the year, Johnson has rushed for 1,166-yards with 19-rushing TD’s in only 119-carries.

On the year, Johnson has rushed for 1,166-yards with 19-rushing TD’s in only 119-carries

KHSAA statistical website

Allow us to dissect these numbers just a second. Johnson is averaging 9.8 or so yards every time he takes off with it. Johnson crosses the goal line every 6.3 or so rushing attempts.

Needless to say, you have to force him to throw it. His deciding to skirt around the end, or up the middle, with the football has been disastrous for defenses, really, his entire career.

There is some major league blocking going on upfront. We always get on here and talk about some runner’s yards per attempt average but sometimes we forget to mention the OL which has a definitive hand in such success. Where a runner is averaging a first down ever carry, you can bet the receivers are involved in the run-game down the field in the 2nd and 3rd levels in addition to the OL.

It is a team effort. This is a team giving the effort. This is a team getting it done.

Union's remaining games: The Braves have a 95% chance of beating Hancock, a 90% chance of beating Webster, and a 53% chance of overcoming Greenwood. 

We have run the numbers through the trusty computer. Union still has Hancock and Webster before finishing with 5A power, Greenwood. Union has a 95% chance of beating Hancock, a 90% chance of beating Webster, and a 53% chance of overcoming Greenwood.

Now covers entire nation

As for what they have done to date, Union has beaten a 5A team in North-Hopkins which is 5-2 and teetering on being ranked in the 5A polls. They have trounced a Crittenden County squad which just beat the No. 4 ranked team in 2A in Murray High. Union beat the same Murray High team by 20.

So how does a Union County follow up a 12-1 season in ’22? The playoffs will ultimately tell the entire tale here. However, the possibility of sliding into the playoff season on its second, consecutive 10-0 regular season looks very “doable.”

As for whom deserves the credit for this, Johnson would say, “everyone.” Modesty aside, one can’t deny Johnson’s obvious hand in the proceedings, or leg(s), as the case may be.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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