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Ronnie Mingua began experimenting with making beef jerky back in the 1990s. He shared his efforts with neighbors and friends, soon realizing he had come up with something different and superior to all other beef jerkies on the market. From these humble beginnings, Mingua Beef Jerky got its start.

Today, the Mingua Beef Jerky Company still prides itself on using its old-fashioned, all-natural recipes which offer outstanding products to customers across the nation. The recipes are a family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. 

Migua Beef Jerky uses Enviro-Pac CHU-2000 equipment to cook its meat to USDA required levels for both moist or dry operation. Mingua Beef Jerky wants you to become one of its many satisfied customers by sampling its quality hand sliced, all natural beef jerky. We know you’ll love it and come back for more, again and again.

Our recipes and our quality ingredients, hand-cut from solid pieces of beef, and never chopped or formed like other brands, make our products superior and one of a kind. That would make our products similar to this week’s Protein Packed Performer of the Week, Class of ’22, OG, Jake Nash from Lexington, Kentucky’s Catholic High School, wouldn’t it? 

Here is a kid we reference around the offices of KPGFootball as “The Big Nashty.” The reason for this will become readily apparent as you continue to read the below information.

We have made it well known how important offensive linemen are to the success of any football team. If team’s could just come up with five linemen, like Jake Nash, across their front, every year, they would find moving the football wouldn’t be a problem. This would be equally true, even if they had old Coach Lyon in the backfield.

Jake Nash has everything for which a school could look in an offensive guard. First, at 6-4 and weighing 280-pounds, he has excellent frame and length. With his 5.4-second 40-time and 4.88-second pro-agility shuttle, he has plenty of speed and quicks.

The Big Nashty Highlights

He bench presses 280-pounds which isn’t shabby, at all, for a high school offensive lineman. It demonstrates he has great growth potential for the college game which can come to the surface both on a college training table and in a college weight program.

His 24-inch vertical demonstrates good vertical explosion and also corroborates the 5.4-second, 40-yard dash time. His 91-inch (7′, 7″) broad jump shows he has powerful hips which again demonstrates great growth potential, next level.

Jake started all eight games across the front for the Knights in ’20. The Knights were 5-3 but it should be remembered that two of those loses came to Boyle County, the Class 4A Kentucky Champion. The loss in the second round was by only 8-points (49-41). Catholic’s third loss was by three points to the runner-up in Class 2A, Lexington Christian.

Jake reports he started playing football in 6th-grade. He also says it has always been his goal to play in college.

With offers from Centre College, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, Kentucky Wesleyan, Morehead State, and PWO’s from Marshall and EKU, he appears off to a glorious start. Look closely at those offers. While he hasn’t published his academic scores anywhere we could find them, he is obviously a top-flight student with excellent scores.

Prestigious academic schools, like some of the above, can’t offer a prospect prior to the admission’s committee performing a “pre-read” on the prospect’s transcript and informing the staff he would likely gain admission were he to apply. Not just anyone gets admitted to many of those schools.

Jake at Marshall, he was offered a PWO

Some among the above listed schools are among the very elite academic schools both in this country and across the globe. No brag there, those are just “the cold, hard, undeniable facts!”

Jakes’s a hard worker who puts in the time in the gym, film room, and the classroom. This kid, from all of the research we have done to write this feature, has proven himself coachable and a player who brings a positive winning attitude to everything he does.

We can’t think of anyone any more deserving of an award like this. Both the folks at Mingua Beef Jerky and we are proud to be awarding this to him today.

This kid will play college football. You can go ahead and write that down now.

With everything this young athlete has going for him, we thought he could use some nourishment and maybe a sweet T-shirt! For the T-Shirt and the bolt of protein, we asked our friends at Mingua Beef Jerky to send him some and they were thrilled to oblige.

Join us next week as we honor another worthy player. Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from all the competition. Remember, our product is superior and one of a kind; just like Lexington’s Jake Nash.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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