Isaac Dixon, from @BelfryFootball1, for “Mr. Football”

Issac Dixon, 2021, RB/DB/Ath, 5’10” 175lbs, 4.4-40, 11.0 100-meters, 21 ACT

We love a good campaign at KPGFootball. We decided this morning we would start one.

Owing to our desire to effect as many people as possible, this article will remain free. Though free, we aren’t sticking it to the top of our site.

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We have a sure-fire “Mr. Football” candidate for the upcoming 2020-season. It is the commonwealth’s best football player…Isaac Dixon.

We were looking over a college questionnaire for a FCS program recently and were pretty amused at what it wanted to know. Sure, they wanted the prospect’s height and weight. They also wanted his hand-length. We kept wondering when or even if they were going to ask whether he had done anything on the field in his career? Has it really come to this?

Don’t you miss the days when it mattered whether you could actually play football? A major FBS team offered a kid in a neighboring state, out of the 2018 class, who had scored one TD offensively and had just a hand full of tackles defensively though reportedly having played in the team’s entire accoutrement of games for the season.

This school offered him as an “athlete.” His teammates, on Friday night, must have thought him a magician. He disappeared every time the lights came on, immediately following the coin-toss.

Just where did this player’s athleticism reveal itself? Was he the king of “Sevens?” He must have been a “short and shirt” Heisman winner.

Well, it reminded us of what a KPGFootball correspondent from Louisville once told us. He said he was discussing one of “our guys” with a recruiter. The player was a very speedy skill-type.

The recruiter said, “How tall is he?” Our correspondent’s response was “How tall is 4.4 (meaning his time covering 40-yards)?”

That response, while seemingly sarcastic (and it was meant to be I am told by its maker) is legitimate commentary, snark aside. So how tall is Isaac Dixon? How long are his hands?

He’s big enough to have gained just shy of 1,200 yards rushing for State Champion Belfry High a season ago in spite of missing 3-games. He’s big enough to have scored 13-rushing TDs, 3-TD receptions, a TD via a punt return, and a TD via a KO return in route to being the team’s second leading scorer on the year with 110-points.

He’s big enough to have been Belfry’s leading receiver in catches, yards, and TDs from out of the backfield. He’s big enough to have the State Championship “MVP” trophy back on his nightstand at his house.

By the way, he torched Dudley Hilton’s Bell County squad for 228-yards rushing and 3-TDs. Go ask Coach Hilton what he thought of the kid’s physical dimensions?

Here’s the main point of this article. This is also why he is our candidate for “Mr. Football.” Isaac Dixon makes teams on which he plays better because he was on the roster. He turns teams which would be ordinary without him into extraordinary teams, championship teams, with him.

He elevates the play of every player around him. All along the way he will put up some Madden-like numbers. If we were picking a team from scratch, out of every player available to us in the graduating class of 2021, we would select him with the overall first pick.

How tall is he? Tall enough…

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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  1. I agree with this article. I am his mamaw but he is a great player . His record speaks for itself. We are very happy & proud of Isaac Dixon, he lives to play & plays so well. All the best ahead for this fine young man

    1. We don’t support untalented losers for “Mr. Football.” Yessir, he is both talented and a winner.

      1. I am an old time football fan and a former high school player. As an 88 year observer and passionate supporter of the role athletics play in the development of our young students, I believe Issac Dixon is an excellent example of what can be done with a young boy who is gifted in athletics and is taught the values of academics. I had the honor to ask Coach K of Duke University what do you look for, other than athletic ability, in your recruitment process. His answer was CHARACTER. I believe Issac Dixon has both ability and character to play at any school and in any division, period.

  2. Issac Dixon is certainly deserving of the title “Mr. Football” He is a young man of great Character and Super Athletic Ability. He scored just shy of 1,200 yards rushing while injured for three games. He received the most Valuable Player Award during his teams State Championship Game. Simply put his stats are unrivaled.

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