Is Solomon Conley from Male High the very best in the commonwealth at his LB slot? We know some people who might argue, but the point is, he is certainly in the discussion. @SolomonConley9 @LMHSCoachWolfe @Bryan_Ault @NWahlScoutin @CoachDub2 @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank @kyhighs @HLPreps @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps #Brotherhood

Who all thinks Soloman Conley is Kentucky's best LBer in the '25 class? He has all these votes!

’25 LB has some filling out to do, but his on field production is on the money!

It is almost unfair to reference Solomon Conley as ‘undersized.’ Why? Well, he just finished his sophomore season, a season where he would get run in 10 of the team’s 15-games, and sophomores are no where near fully developed physically in many cases. We don’t know how his frame finishes and how it finishes will have a tremendous bearing on where he projects. We can tell you this…he’s thriving at the highest level of competition Kentucky can provide at one of its marquee programs. That says something, at least to us.

HB Lyon, KPGFootball Scouting Division

Solomon Conley may be the best LB in Kentucky’s ’25 graduating class. If you don’t believe us, ask him. It is listed among his biographical information on his Twitter page (@SolomonConley9).

This guy is a fine young man. Don’t take the appealingly brazen self-promotion as indicative of his personality or his character.

Frankly, this kid shouldn’t feel it necessary to toot his own horn. We all should be doing a better job of tooting it for him.

One guy who has tooted this kid’s horn plenty, and plans on keeping on with the praise, is Kentucky Future Stars Director Ricco Hughes. We caught up with Coach Hughes about one of his young protégés.

“Solomon is a legit player! He’s really come into his own and I saw him gain a ton of confidence in both the Future Stars camp and our annual Classic.” Hughes continued, “He’s carried that confidence with him to the high school field.”

Solomon [Conley] is a legit player!

Ricco Hughes, Kentucky Future Stars

As for this publication, we pledge to do a better job of horn-blowing from this point forward. What was it Joe R. Lansdale, a well know American writer, used to say? Something about tooting horns (If you don’t toot your own horn, it goeth un-tooted).

Regardless of how the horn gained tooting, this young man performed well enough for it to be both tooted and tooted mightily. First of all, the kid was a sophomore in ’22 and still got a ton of reps, sufficient to tie for second on the entire defense in tackles.

Conley played in 10 of Male’s 15-games (10-5, State Runners-up). Conley logged 101-tackles and a pair of TFL’s playing linebacker against the finest competition Kentucky High School football could throw at him.

If you don’t toot your own horn, it goeth un-tooted

Joe R. Lansdale, American Writer/Humorist

Now the young man is a bit slight in the frame department. He is listed at 5’10,” 180-pounds. Of course, Conley is also just a sophomore who will be a junior in the Fall of ’23. We don’t know how his frame will finish.

We do know that both Kory Combs (Breathitt County) and he are at the head of a very fine ’25 group of second level defenders. Who is better between the two? We don’t know that can be answered at this juncture.

Combs has been a bit more prolific and productive, particularly with what he does offensively as a two-way guy. Conley plays at a higher profile program both with and against better competition than any 2A team like Breathitt will ever regularly see.

At this point, what different does it make? They are both outstanding players whose careers will be blasts to both watch and cover.

We have our horns on the ready!

This is Fletcher Long, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE! 

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  1. This young man has been a great football player since day 1! He won his first championship 10 years ago starting nose guard for the packers mighty mites against the rams! He is also a great kid!

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