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He visited Louisville and Miami (OH) by invitation this past season among others

’25-guy can long-snap too, an added bonus

Well, HB and I have switched back to our former roles. I feel I have shown I can write with him and Coach has amply proven to be a formidable scout. This Vrbancic kid is the real deal. We are both in complete agreement here. Vrbancic has a TE’s frame (6’3,” 215), he runs very well, he is a fine athlete, as his prowess on the baseball diamond fully demonstrates, and he has soft hands with the ability to get off the line and into a route well, and with enough propulsion to net positive yards after the catch for both his team and QB. We love this kid and believe him to be a Power-5 type; but, we don’t really know where his frame will finish and we haven’t seen any posted speed numbers for him. Either way, his being a KHSAA superstar, and All-State team candidate, seems certain.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division

I heard a college coach tell me once that college players reveal themselves over the course of their sophomore seasons. I have talked to more than one college recruiter, recruiting a player of mine, who seemed to hold it against a guy if he didn’t, at least, finish the sophomore season in the lineup.

Now, I never coached at a program like Louisville’s Male High School. I can assure you there is a ton of talent lining the roster for the Bulldogs.

I can assure you of a few other things. I can assure you any sophomore either making the lineup and/or contributing in a valuable way for Male is some kind of player and prospect.

We just wrote about another ’25 phenom for Male, this past Saturday, named Solomon Conley (LB). Conley has a classmate just as impressive.

Andrew Vrbancic is a 6’3,” 215-pound, ’25 TE who can also LS. We mention his being able to long-snap because it is a valuable and marketable skill, standing alone. However, believe me when I say this; Vrbancic’s a legit TE prospect with much to recommend him to various college football programs.

Vrbancic is a punishing blocker

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer

We have watched his highlights from his sophomore season. We have linked them above under a cutout of a graphic of him. Feel free to watch them. The following is our impression.

Vrbancic is a punishing blocker. This is crucial for a position known far and wide as the sixth member of the OL.

Vrbancic works the seem, down the field of play, very well. Vrbancic is a big target, with receptive hands and what appears to be good speed.

We know some of the players attempting to run him down, or keep abreast of him, in the highlights and we know their speed. So our cursory impressions, regarding speed, on Vrbancic are pretty reliable.

This past season, Vrbancic caught 13-passes, four (4) of which went for TD’s. For the mathematically impaired, that is 31% of Vrbancic’s receptions were either caught in the end zone or carried across the goal line.

Thirty-one percent (31%) of Vrbancic’s receptions were either caught in the end zone or carried across the goal line

KHSAA Statistical Website

His blocking numbers are harder to gauge. We can tell you Male rushed for 2,471-yards and 20-TD’s while throwing for 2,224-yards with 29-TD’s. That is incredible production and balance and the “boys upfront” deserve credit for this.

Guess what? He’s a baseball prospect too!

Vrbancic visited Louisville and Miami (OH) this past season and we are sure there will be additional suitors clamoring for a slot on this TE’s “dance card.” Till then, we will all get plenty of opportunity to marvel at his graceful athleticism and skillset. I would take full advantage of any and all opportunity to do just that, were I you.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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