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There are two different athletic apparel companies which come to mind when I think of Jaden Freeman, from Paducah, Kentucky. One is from Nike and it’s campaign was Fast is the new Strong and the other is from Adidas where they inform the viewer that Fast don’t lie. If I can throw in a third variation of this theme, I was talking to a trainer friend of mine who trains many of the excellent high school football talents whom come out of Louisville, Kentucky yearly. He told me he was discussing a prospect with a University when the school, in question, remarked about his protégé that the player wasn’t very tall. This guy looked at the college football coach and said, Really? How tall is fast. The obvious point here is that Speed kills on a football field and some variation of that principle has been around for quite some time in the sport of football.

Now, I will be the first to tell you Jaden Freeman, all 5-6 and roughly 140 pounds of him, isn’t very big. That probably accounts for why, during his sophomore campaign, Freeman only had 12 rushes for 163 yards and 3 rushing TDs. I mean, the kid is averaging around 13.6 yards every touch, feed him the ball man! With Makel Askew the only one of Paducah Tilghman’s leading three ground gainers from a year ago returning, I believe this year, giving Freeman more carries will be a seduction coach Steve Duncan will not be able to resist. Again, how tall is fast!

Freeman, who sports a better than 3.3 GPA, is quite an accomplished track athlete on a track team which regularly finishes toward the top of its classification at the State High School Track & Field Championships. Freeman was a contender on the AAU Junior Olympics and, just this past April, ran a 10.99 fully automated 100 meter sprint, while clocking a fully automated 11.03 at the State High School just this past May 19th. According to the conversion table the NFL uses to assess the speed of college athletes hoping to get paid to play, a 4.5 fully automated 40 yard dash would finish the 100 meter sprint in 10.95 seconds and a 4.6 fully automated 40 yard dash should cover 100 meters in 11.21 seconds. At 10.99 Freeman is running a fully automated forty in the low 4.5s and at 11.03 he is clipping it around 4.55 or so. Folks, that is motoring. I would estimate the prospect’s hand-timed forty to be in the 4.4s. So, again I ask the reader, how tall (or big) is fast?

KPGFootball is of the firm belief you are going to hear a lot from Mr. Jaden Freeman on the football field this upcoming season, his junior year, and his production and the ways in which coach Duncan finds avenues to get Freeman the football will go way up in 2018.

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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