Clarksville High School’s Jaquise Young, Class of 2021, is the Meeks & Meeks Montgomery County POW

As you are aware, we both have and continue to cover Clarksville, Tennessee talent, and talent from the Clarksville metropolitan area, as part of our coverage area largely because we are principally based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopkinsville and Clarksville comprise one metropolitan area in spite of one city being in Kentucky and the second laying just across the Tennessee state line.

Well, we are proud to have partnered with the law firm of Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys to feature a weekly article promoting a Clarksville-Montgomery County area prep football player. Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys is a full service law firm covering all areas within the realm of general practice from domestic to criminal defense, contracts to malpractice,Will & Estates to civil and criminal matters in General Sessions. 

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Jaquise Young

If there is anyone, around the Clarksville area, experiencing problems it may be the opposing player tasked with tackling 5-11, 200-pound, Class of 2021, RB, Jaquise Young. How to get this “big back” to the ground may be something for which Travis Meeks lacks a solution, at least not an immediate one. Thus far in his short football career for the Wildcats, tackling Young has been better left to committee than any one particular defender taking on the chore.

Jaquise has just completed his sophomore season after his family moved to Clarksville from the Joelton area (suburb of Nashville), if our information is correct. After having watched his highlights, Young seemed eerily reminiscent to KPGFootball of another big-bodied bruiser who once carried the bread for the Wildcats’ offense.

While Jaquise isn’t quite as big as the 6-2, 215-pound, Brevon Johnson, now playing in college, the running styles are very similar and each of them appears difficult to get to the ground. Coach Shelby can only hope Young’s career ends up being as productive as Johnson’s, whose eligibility was exhausted in 2017. So far, Jaquise is off to a very good start and we will be watching him going forward and monitoring his production.

We are very proud to award to Class of 2021, RB, Jaquise Young, this week’s distinction as the Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Player of the Week. KPGFootball continues to look forward to our partnership with Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys as we both continue to publicize and promote all of the fine young football players in and around Clarksville, Tennessee. Congratulations to Jaquise Young for being our Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Area Player of the Week!

This is Fletcher Long reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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