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Coach Todd Greenwell, Esq.

Greenwell will supply video “tele-strations” for a generation of “visual learners”

Coach Atchley has told us many times that, when in doubt, hire smart people. There is a ton any staff can do with smart. Dumb is limiting. Todd Greenwell, a long time assistant on the Trinity Football Coaching staff in Louisville, Kentucky and Louisville attorney is anything but dumb. Matter of fact, Greenwell majored in Economics and minored in Spanish at the University Kentucky before graduating the Chase College of Law, cum laude, with a doctorate in jurisprudence. Coach Greenwell will add many elements to the staff which will help the Colonels out scheme its opposition.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

There is a poignant scene in “Remember the Titans” about the football team at T.C. Williams immediately after it desegregated. The system had brought in a coach named Herman Boone, who happened to be black, to take a head coaching position away from Bill Yoast, who was both caucasian and the head coach prior to Boone’s arrival.

The “real life” Bill Yoast

Well, in the poignant scene we are referencing, Coach Boone asks the math department to break down plays statistically to enable the staff at T.C. Williams to know the opponent’s tendencies and how they would likely respond to Boone’s and Yoast’s formations, alignments, and down and distance scenarios.

Bill Yoast looked over the information and smiled at Herman Boone and said words to the effect of, “I believe the use of this data and analysis will make us quite formidable, Coach Boone.” Christian County’s Colonels may be living this moment unwittingly.

Christian County High announces the addition of Todd Greenwell to the Colonel coaching staff. Coach Greenwell has spent many years on the Trinity High Shamrock staff in his native Louisville, Kentucky.

Greenwell will fulfill a similar role to his role for Kentucky’s premier football program (27 football titles). Greenwell will analyze and break down practice film daily and provide Colonel players and coaches with video tele-strations enabling the Colonel players, most of whom are visual learners, an opportunity to improve performance and employ advanced schematics.

Colonel players will have the opportunity to improve performance and employ advanced schematics

Friday Night Fletch

The beautiful thing is…Greenwell will be providing this work to the Colonels remotely from his Louisville home. We talked to Coach Atchley about this arrangement. He told KPGFootball, “When I leave practice Coach Greenwell’s efforts will permit our staying on schedule offensively.”


Atchley went on to tell us, “Greenwell will be remote during the week and watch all of our practices, via Hudl. Coach will send us daily video cuts and illustrations and be in the box, to assist in play calling, on Friday nights.”

Greenwell has been on the Trinity High School coaching staff for a number of seasons. Atchley told KPGFootball, “[Greenwell] gives our staff and players the capability, through video, to both solve problems and work solutions. This is quintessential for a generation of young people who the present data suggests are visual learners.”

Coach Greenwell earned a B.A. in Communications with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Spanish from the University of Kentucky. Greenwell graduated, cum laude, from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at the University of Northern Kentucky, pursuing a private practice in law since 2009.

Coach Atchley told us, “A good friend of mine has consistently advised if you wish to encircle yourself with competence, hire smart people. We have certainly done that here. Not many around are any smarter than Coach Greenwell.”

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