Area small colleges continue to recruit impact players for the Fall class. @Adam_Wicktom from Memphis, Tennessee’s @ECSAthletics.

When you are talking about big-timers coming in to tour the campus, they don’t get any bigger than Adam Wicktom from Memphis, Tennessee. Wicktom played his prep football at Evangelical Christian, was selected by the Tennessee Football Coaches Association (TNFCA) as an All-State player, and won numerous Player of the Week honors from various different organizations over the course of his senior year.

We got the opportunity to watch Wicktom’s highlights. We loved what we saw.

Maybe you should give them a look. We have linked them for you under his picture to the right of this paragraph.

First of all, the 6-1, 250-pound technician played with superior leverage and was able to either hold point or just make the play with relative ease. Wictom demonstrated the ability to turn plays back into the pursuit as one would want a player deployed where he was being used to do or simply shed the blocker and make the play himself.

Wictom has a solid punch, plays with excellent leverage, and never seems to get driven out of the hole or even back up the slightest smidge. It appears obvious to us the young man has been very well coached thus far over his career.

We talk about defensive linemen “holding point,” and that is exactly what this young man does. Wictom is immovable at the point of engagement and attacks double-teams, splitting them like one would expect from an All-Stater.

We don’t have any lifting numbers for you, but his overall physique speaks to his being more than proficient in the weight room. The same for his physical play.

Wicktom is being doggedly pursued by several Division 3 powers. His grades and standardized test score seems to also be shored up well.

Wictom was a two-way lineman in high school, which is not uncommon among players with his ability. He aligned mostly at OT on offense and his being able to play very well in space on an island all to himself speaks to his athleticism and feet in light of his having an interior lineman’s frame.

We believe Wicktom would be destined for the defensive front in college. He is a big-time athlete, who plays intelligently, and who plays well in space, squaring up ball carriers and planting them where they should be deposited when tackling ball carriers he encounters.

This would be a tremendous pick-up for the Colonels and quite a jewel in its out of commonwealth recruiting effort. Let’s hope the Colonels get this big fish in the boat.

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