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Don’t hold me to this, but this might be the first Class of ’26 player we have featured. We generally don’t cover kids who are this young, though Future Stars coverage for the prestigious “Team Kentucky” has resulted in our broadening our coverage limits significantly over the years.

It isn’t fair to label a kid a star before he has performed on a stage which reveals a player’s ability visa vie other players his age. This comparison needs to be done on a broader platform than “best in the city/county” if you catch our drift.

Platforms like Kentucky Future Stars and the Rocky Top National Championships give young players an opportunity to showcase their talent against other kids, like them, across an area or region. The young player we are showcasing today has fully utilized his opportunities have his talent discovered. That is why he is the subject of today’s feature.

Positionally, Cam Thomas is difficult to pigeon-hole. Thomas is 5-11 and weighs 175-pounds and will be an 8th-grader in ’21 absent his holding back under SB-128. We haven’t heard he is, but we haven’t heard he isn’t.

Thomas, this isn’t his first time in the limelight

Thomas attends Turkey Foot Middle School in Edgewood, Kentucky. He is an Honor Roll student who plays football (in addition to playing for Turkey Foot) on a Northern Kentucky Bengals team we have before mentioned in other features. He is listed on the Bengals’ roster as a DE/LB/RB.

Thomas has made the Kentucky Future Stars team and will play in the Kentucky vs. Tennessee game upcoming this 16th of June in Nashville, Tennessee. Thomas was selected to play linebacker for Team Kentucky’s 7th-grade squad.

Thomas made the Northern Kentucky All-Star team as a DE. Thomas played in the KYMSFA “Battle of the Regions.” Thomas played on an All-Star team which competed at the Rocky Top National Championships twice, playing MLB both times for the team made up of Northern Kentucky and Ohio players.

We would say the jury has returned on whether this young man can play the game of football. The foreman of the jury reports Thomas is “guilty as charged” of being a bone fide future high-school and likely college football star.

This Future Stars game upcoming will really launch this young man onto the Kentucky football scene like it has done for countless other stars like him. We hope you can get to Nashville, next month, to watch the games.

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  1. So very proud of you Cam. Continue your legacy cousin. This is just the beginning of many more to come.

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