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Zane Johnson tossed 4-TD's as his Shamrocks stunned St. Xavier, 45-10

Freshmen don’t play at Trinity? Meet Zane Johnson…

This kid has moxie, frame, composure, and a penchant to perform on the big stage under the brightest lights. Zane Johnson, in front of 18,000 or so fans at L&N Stadium, threw four (4) TD passes and led his team to a stunning 45-10 upset of the commonwealth’s top ranked team (St. Xavier).

HB Lyon, Scouting Department, KPGFootball
Trinity has beaten St. Xavier by the score of 45-10

Louisville, KY: We used to publish a freshman all-state football team. We are thinking of doing another one this year provided we get everything straight with all the parties to whom we have pitched the idea.

Picking an all-state freshman team is challenging. Parents want to send you JV film.

We won’t evaluate JV film for filling the roster of our team. The freshman has to play under the Friday Night Lights for consideration.

Some parents think this unfair. Some parents have called to admonish us regarding this policy.

I remember getting a phone call from an irate parent whose son was a freshman at Trinity back when we did our first freshman all-state squad. I believe the year was 2017.

Freshmen never play at Trinity

Anonymous phone caller circa 2017

He posited it wasn’t fair we only considered varsity play. According to him, “Freshmen never play at Trinity.” Our policy was seen, by him, discriminatory against Trinity and programs like it.

First of all there are many advantages to attending Trinity and school like it. It only follows there will be some disadvantages.

As for the “freshmen never play at Trinity part,” never say never. We are sure you have heard this before now.

According to the complainant, James Quick didn’t play as a freshman. Keith Calvin didn’t either. Neither did the Brohm brothers (Jeff and Brian) nor Rondale Moore.

Freshmen don’t play at Trinity, huh? Explain Zane Johnson.

Zane Johnson is a freshman QB who found the starting lineup in game two of the ’23 season and has yet to relinquish it. Johnson started last night for Trinity against its chief rival, St. Xavier High.

Johnson has completed 59 of 108-passes for 637-yards and seven (7) thrown TD’s against 4-picks…

KHSAA Statistical Website

Going into the yearly slugfest with St. Xavier, Johnson had completed 59 of 108-passes for 637-yards. Johnson had thrown seven (7) TD’s against 4-picks. How did he fair against the Tigers last night?

The official statistics haven’t been posted. However, we can tell you Johnson threw four (4) TD’s in front of 18,000 screaming fans at L&N Stadium.

We can tell you Johnson led his team to a 45-10 beat down of Kentucky’s top-rated football team in Kentucky’s largest classification of competition. We can tell you Johnson was awarded the MVP of the game.

Johnson is the fourth rated QB in the class of 2027 across the land. Johnson is also rated the top QB in his class in Kentucky. Johnson is sporting a 4.0 GPA at one of Kentucky’s premier college preparatory private schools.

Johnson is the fourth rated QB, across the land, and rated the top QB in the ’27 class in Kentucky

Johnson is a freshman. Johnson is starting for Trinity’s Shamrocks. Johnson looks All-State to many of us around our offices.

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