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The KYMSFA has a marquee event upcoming. May of the teams began practicing this past weekend. The event is called the “Battle of the Regions.”

Teams have been broken down into regions. Each region has fielded both a 7th and 8th grade team of 40 players each.

The teams are coached by top-flight coaches from each region. Players were selected from tryouts which occurred back in October and November.

This event is a 3-weekend commitment. Teams are getting 2 practice weekends this month.

On the final weekend, all 4 region teams from each grade level will come to battle it out to see which region may claim superiority.

Opening games will take place on that Saturday, with winning regions playing on Sunday. Losing regions will play a conciliation game on Sunday.

If you are like us, you couldn’t be any more excited. We get a first-hand look at the young talent around Kentucky to replenish our ever-burgeoning database.

One guy we will be watching with considerable interest, as should you, is Calloway County’s Logan Smith. Smith is a 5-5, 106-pound member of the Class of ’26. He lists DB and WR among his positions.

First of all, there is typically not much film on middle school prospects to evaluate. We did find the following clip, which told us plenty.

In this clip you will see Smith aligned to the left side of the QB, in the slot, running a cross between a “down and in” and what is commonly referenced as a “skinny post.” What we saw in the clip was Smith ran a nice route. That is first and foremost is running a disciplined route.

Smith got his head around timely and extended his hands. He “collected” the pass in his hands and not up against his body.

Smith’s route was tight. His speed looked “upper level” for his age and stage of physical development. Smith caught the ball easily and seamlessly, in stride, like you want a receiver to do.

He made the reception appear effortless. Smith looked polished. A prospect’s looking “polished” generally denotes his having been well-schooled on how to play his position and football generally.

From everything we have seen, this particular prospect is a #NoDoubter. He will have a really big offseason, perform well in the different all-star games and combines dotting his busy offseason schedule, and return to Calloway’s middle school program ready to kill it next fall.

This is one to write down, for all of you out there following the middle school game and tracking its impact on the high school programs these middle schools perpetually re-stock with playing talent.

Logan Smith, and a steady dose of players with his game, skills, and polish, are the type of players we at KPGFootball would coveted coming into our high-school programs any year we could get them. Then again, what do we know?

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