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TyTy Williams (center) just won the MVP at the prestigious Kentucky State University "Bluegrass Showcase" a few weeks ago

Diminutive athlete from Bardstown, Kentucky called “unicorn”

Here is a kid who does things on a football field which defy explanation. His teammates call him “unicorn” because the things he does on the field are unreal. Williams has scored on the ground (25 TD’s), through the forward pass (six-TD’s) and via special teams (three-KR’s for TD’s). What will he do his senior year? We’re pretty sure to be amazed.

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According to Merriam-Webster, a “unicorn” is a mythical animal depicted with the body and head of a horse, a long flowing mane and tail, and a single spiraled horn in the middle of the animal’s forehead. In The Holy Bible, it is mentioned as an aurochs, a one-horned rhinoceros, or an antelope.

It has a colloquial vernacular. It has come to mean “…something unusual, rare, or unique.”

Tyleeq “TyTy” Williams is called “unicorn” by his teammates. We believe the colloquial usage of the word is the meaning his teammates are referencing, wouldn’t you imagine?

Photo: Josh Claywell,

We have featured “TyTy” on, at least, two previous occasions. Both of them appear to have been in December of 2022, when he was leading his undefeated Bardstown High team into Lexington, Ky, and onto Kroger Field, to play Christian Academy-Louisville for the title in 3A.

Williams is unique. Williams accomplishes unusual and rare athletic feats playing the game of football as a 5’5,” 153-pound athlete. Allow us to expound.

Last season, as a junior, Williams ran for 1,882-yards, scored 25-rushing TD’s, gained 475-yards receiving, scored 6-TD’s in the passing game, and housed three 3-KR’s for TD’s.

Williams led the team in scoring with 210-points. The KHSAA tells us that is 15-points scored per outing.

[Williams] is a special kid…We call him unicorn

David Clark, interview with Tom Lane, WDRB.com

David Clark, the head football coach of the Bardstown High Tigers told Tom Lane with WDRB.com, “[Williams] is a special kid. We call him unicorn because he’s 5’5,” 145-pounds and the things he does on the football field are just unreal.”

Williams, who appears to have added eight (8) pounds since that interview in ’22, doesn’t confine his unreal performances just to the football field. This 153-pounder is squatting 350-pounds, he reports, and has left the Kentucky State University’s “Bluegrass Showcase” as its combine MVP. That is pretty powerful stuff.

“The coaches say I can do anything on the field,” Williams told WDBR.com‘s Lane. “I believe it.”

Well, he should. Many of us around the magazine, and across Kentucky, are becoming right convinced.

Williams has been described as being “everything” on the Tigers’ football team. Teammates have described Williams as the “backbone” of last season’s run to Kroger Field. So what will he do for an encore in ’23?

The coaches say I can do anything on the field…I believe it

TyTy Williams, interview with Tom Lane

It is difficult to predict. Will he be an All-Stater, like in ’22? Will he engineer another run to Lexington?

We simply don’t know and can’t forecast. We wouldn’t bet against it, however.

Photo: Josh Claywell

As for his next-level prospects, he has plenty of schools interested in him. We can’t say for sure at what level he will land. His being a dangerous return man, on special teams, bodes well for him catching a high-level ride.

We are sure he will play at the next level. After all, who in the world would ever discount a mythical creature like a unicorn. Not us, that’s for sure.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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