The Team Kentucky Future Stars 7th and 8th Grade Rosters…

If there is a higher honor in middle school football, we must confess that KPGFootball doesn’t know what it would be. The following players will have the privilege of donning the Blue and White and representing Team Kentucky in the Tennessee-Kentucky Future Stars Classic this summer at Georgetown College (Players whose names appear in bold have been the subject of an article on KPGFootball’s site).

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to publish the 7th grade Team Kentucky (#Brotherhood)…

Kicker- Colin Fratus

QB- Bertrand Kibawa, Cole Hodge, Tucker Warren

RB- Korbyn Goff, Amare Townsend, Jaheim Williams, Naytion Daniels, David Boyd

Ath- Shaun Boykins Jr, Jack Chappel

WR-Santana Crayton, Kassani Wilson, Calil McNary, Destin Cheirs, Brody Wells, Gavin Hurst

TE-Cole Wickliffe

OL/DL- Bryon Faith, Matt Alex Ladd, Joseph Greene, Austin Anderson, Pacey Simpson, Martin Carter, Treyvion Bunton, Mason Sayers, Peyton Sayers, Matthew Cox, Bryce Reichmuth, Britton Franklin, Kaden Briggs, Joshua Johnson, Canathan Shead, Sahvon Hines, Brayden Spears, Casey Cysar, Bracken Castle, Ethan Phillips, Jesse Sanchez.

LB- LaShaun Mays Jr, Oscar Adams, Khrystion Washington, Caleb Singleton, Corien Conley, Chad Clark-Roberts, Kaden Moorman, Carson Wright

DB-Renfrow Decker, Cade Sullivan, Ondre Wicks, Jeremiah Collins, Kameron Horton, Lennox Jackson, Cristion Conyer


QB- Braden Brown, Demetruis Dunlap

RB- Justin Bush

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to publish the 8th grade Team Kentucky (#Brotherhood)…

Kicker:  Ashton Adams

Quarterback:  Preston Agee, Tristan Hawkins

Running Back:  Ja’waun Northington, Preston Stacey, Jymarrie Johnson, Brandon Dearing, Conner Carr

Wide Receiver:  Jamere Dorsey, Jorian Harris, Lazarus Vance, Easton Messer, Dedrick Hamilton, Vincel Anthony, Dane Key, Curtis Reardon

Tight End:  Andrew Dupps, Keygan Pelfrey, Jaree’ Flanigan

Linebacker:  Jamarques Frank, Jayshawn Monroe, Ben Vaughn, Brenton Sears, Will Darragh, Tyler Morris

DB:  Devin Washngton, Ke’shaun Hargrove, Darien Wilson, Shawn Bush, Terrelle Hearn, Demetrius Britt, Treyvon Jefferson, Deon Bibb

OL/DL:  Anthony Johns, Jayven Hesler, Eric Billips, DJ Kepple, Theo Simpson, Kobe Burke, Qadyn Ashcraft, William Hughes, Jacoby Thornsbury, Taesean Davis, Lydell Conley, Travis Haskins Jr, Brandon Dobbs, LeAndre Maxwell, Mikale Carney, Elijah Manning, Peyton Dietz, Bridger Knee, Peyton Mattingly, Owen Lemaster, Jason Burley, Jansen Hayden, Landon Nokes, Michael Holloway


Quarterback: Chad Carroll

Running Back:  Jeremiah Neou, Davan Alderson, Clayton Williams

Receiver:  Malik Stacher, Ronald Anthony Jr

Tight End:  Dravin Routt, Noah Thomas

DB:  Jashawn Shumake

Linebacker: Martell Horton, Jeremiah Samuels, Jadairion Smith

OL/DL:  Matthew Mauzy, Lamarques Summerour, Jessie Tanner, John Daniels, Dean Jared, Nate Dupont

This is Fletcher Long (#Brotherhood) reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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