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What can one say about Damarien Mudd? The 5-11, 160-pound dual football and track athlete didn’t get a whole lot of run in ’21. We expect that to change drastically from here on out for this ’24 prospect.

For starters, Mudd plays at one of the most athletic rosters in all of the 4A classification’s fourth (4th) district. If we are having to teach you Central High School is a title contender yearly at its level of play, you may not know enough about high school football in Kentucky to get much out of this site.

There are lots of Damarien Mudd types around the Central hallways. That is one reason this particular athlete got such limited run on the varsity playing field over the course of his sophomore campaign.

Still, Mudd did get some PT. He did the most with what he was granted. We have linked you to his highlight from the Scott County game. The potential is both visible and very there.

Mudd competes in Track & Field. He is a sprinter and someone who is athletic with “twitchy” burst and speed. This will serve him well playing football.

Mudd is one of those football players we expect to burst out onto the scene over his junior season. We believe we will see big production from this WR prospect who has the length and athleticism to play any of the back-third slots defensively together with an ability to contribute on specials.

Mudd is what we call a three-phase’s potential contributor. Guys like that, who can contribute in all three phases of a football game, are both rare and extremely coveted.

We’ve been talking about Mudd’s future and potential around our offices for a while. For Damarien Mudd, the future has to be right now!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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