@CJ_Stallworth from @HopHighTigers is the @minguabeefjerky Protein-packed Performer of the week. @HopkAthletics @HHS_Heathens @HHS_Defense @1776Bank @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball @HoptownHFC

April 20, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

This kid is coming practically out of nowhere but he could be one of Kentucky’s more recruited DE’s in the ’23 class before it is all said and done. Talk about a kid who passes the eye-test, this kid is it. If you are a program serious about competing in college football, I would get this kid on campus and right away. For now, we have agreed to feed him and send him a snappy T-shirt. Enjoy this look at one tremendous high school football player with unbelievable upside.

’22’s Lucas Hughes from @HoptownFootball exploded on the @CCHSColonelsFB Friday night and demonstrated why his ‘upside’ has recruiters talking… @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball

September 21, 2021 Henry Lyon 1

We believe in rewarding and reporting on outstanding line play at KPGFootball. We have been sent clips from the performance of Lucas Hughes from Friday night’s game with cross-town, hated rival Christian County and we must confess we were impressed. This 6-4, 270-pound class of ’22 “late bloomer” is showing that the flower which blooms last often blooms longest. Enjoy the feature. HB.

Lucas Hughes from @HoptownFootball is our last break-out player of this offseason… @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @1776Bank

August 3, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

This is a kid who has developed late and is young for his age. He didn’t elect to stay-back under SB-128 so he will graduate as a young senior in the ’22 class. He gets better and better every year and he also keeps getting bigger, badder, and thicker every time we look his direction. We have no problem believing he will have a tremendous, break-out year for the Tigers in ’21. Season’s around the corner, ain’t nothing left but the getting! Enjoy this feature. HB.

Preseason look at Class 4A; here’s our look at the top 5. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @1776Bank

July 15, 2021 Henry Lyon 0

These preseason polls have been super hard to research and write. For one, SB-128 has made forecasting who’s back and who’s moved on super dicey to predict. Thank the Lord for Twitter. Here is our look at Class 4A. This classification figures to be super competitive, especially for the 5th slot in the poll as 6-8 teams could have been slotted there. Anyway, it is all for fun. Enjoy the feature. HB.

@willmcdaniel_ from @BCRebelFootball is the @minguabeefjerky “Protein-packed Performer of the Week.” @1776Bank @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball

December 16, 2020 Henry Lyon 2

If you have been reading our weekly “Outstanding Performances…” articles, the series of articles should have impressed upon you how very difficult winning this award really is. We had another spectacular week where there were numerous performances any one of which would have been a fine performance to single-out. This week, heading into the Championships, we honor a senior who exhibited an outstanding effort leading his team to a Semi-State Title and helping take the whole lot grocery shopping on Kroger Field hunting the 4A Title to bring back to “Title Town.” This guy was tough between the tackles and tore up a normally stingy defense in the fourth round, finding the end-zone three times in the offing. Enjoy the article and join us next week as we honor another worthy recipient. HB.

@WoodfordFBall picks up a timely and important enrollee in Andrew Nason

June 17, 2020 Henry Lyon 0

You Really don’t want to lose top-flight talent entering your ninth-grade. Not all ninth-graders are created equally. Some have the frame, polish, and skill set to help teams out quickly. Andrew Nason is one of those type ninth-graders. He has had excellent coaching, has a very polished skill-set, with an excellent frame and athleticism which would indicate early PT for one of 2024’s best football players. Enjoy the article, Yellow-Jacket Fans! HB.

Regarding Hopkinsville’s Reece Jesse, Jr.,…we told you so!

September 19, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Reece Jesse is killing it out there for the Tigers as they head into their 5th game. This game is against the cross-town rivals, Christian County, who is winless on the year. If the Colonels can’t solve the Jesse-riddle regarding how to keep him from beating them, they will leave Friday night remaining “winless.” You can throw the records out the window when these two play. KPGFootball will have someone in Hopkinsville watching the game for us. Matter of fact, old Coach Lyon may just take this game in personally. Enjoy the article.