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Storm Warning

’26 two-way lineman (DL/OL) also plays an instrument in the marching band

In keeping with our theme of versatility this offseason, we give you Garrett Morgan. Morgan is a two-way lineman who can also play a musical instrument well enough to be in the marching band. Morgan is 6’1,” and weighs in at 225-pounds and has a real opportunity ahead of him in ’24 to see the field and contribute to the team’s bottom line mightily. He needs to seize this opportunity.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Garrett Morgan Hudl Page

Many people when they hear the surname “Morgan” think of the product Captain Morgan’s spiced rum. The rum is reputedly Jamaican but is produced for sale by Diageo PLC, a British multinational alcoholic beverage company with headquarters in London, England operating 132 sites around the globe.

Captain Morgan was a real guy. His name was Sir Henry Morgan and he was born, Harri Morgan (Welsh). He was a privateer. Privateer is sort of the same thing as a pirate but the piracy is conducted under color of law.

Captain Morgan was also a plantation owner and later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. From his base in Port Royal, he raided settlements and shipping concerns on the Spanish Main, becoming very wealthy, and purchasing three sugar plantations with the booty from these raids.

This Morgan is framed in such a way to indicate quite a bit of growth still forthcoming

Friday Night Fletch

Point is…Captain Morgan was an opportunist. Garrett Morgan needs to uphold the family name (we don’t know the two to be related but wouldn’t it be funny if they turned out to be) and seize this upcoming opportunity for playing time when it presents this Fall.

Morgan seems well suited for this opportunity physically. Morgan is 6’1,” and weighs in at 225-pounds.

As you can tell from his picture to the right of this paragraph, Morgan has a long neck, narrow shoulders, and long arms. It has been our experience kids framed out in such a way are the late bloomers who usually experience quite a bit of growth up and through high school.

We don’t know where this frame figures to finish. It could finish out at the NCAA, Division I level. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now Morgan published to one of his social media platforms that he is “…working hard to get better every day.” We hope this is true.

This ’26 lineman was a consistent performer at the JV level in 2023. He is no longer needed down on the farm and will be required to bring the same work ethic and nastiness to the varsity club.

We are looking forward to toasting this young man’s arrival. We feel certain that opportunity is awaiting all the Garrett Morgan fans out there sooner rather than later.

We might get an opportunity to imbibe in this toast but would humbly suggest a substance much more innocuous than spiced rum. Perhaps a Dr. Pepper then…

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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