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’25 WR/DB looks for both roles to expand in 2024

Carter Edwards was a junior in ’23 who played in seven games but was right productive in those games and on both sides of the football. If you add in his ability to LS, he is a three-phase contributor and programs can always use a guy like that. Edwards is 5’10,” and tips the scales at 160-pounds. He will be looked to in 2024 to provide big-time contribution to the team’s bottom line.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball
Well, the names have all changed
Since you hung around
But those dreams have remained
And they've turned around
Who'd have thought they'd lead you
(Who'd have thought they'd lead you)
Back here where we need you?
(Back here where we need you?)

John Sebastian, "Welcome Back, Kotter"

Carter Edwards Hudl Profile

There was a television show in the 70s which starred one of my favorite actor/comedians and was among my favorites. John Travolta was in the cast and he’s not even the actor I was referencing.

The actor was Gabe Kaplan and he also was a basketball coach in the classic cult film, Fast Break. This show was called “Welcome Back, Kotter.” Most of us thought it was Carter and not Kotter.

In the show Kotter is a flippant and well-meaning teacher who returns to his alma mater, James Buchanan High. He teaches a remedial group of students known as “The Sweathogs.”

Kotter thinks these “unteachable” kids have potential and spends time developing the Sweathogs, himself having been a founding member of the group from his days at Buchanan. John Sebastian wrote the theme song which would be among the more recognizable theme songs from a period in TV often called the relevance movement.

I want everyone to know, when the Storm opens the Fall season in 2024, I will be humming the tune to “Welcome Back, Kotter.” We have our own “Carter” in ’25’s Carter Edwards.

Edwards is athletic, versatile, and smart…a potentially lethal triumvirate

Friday Night Fletch

Our Carter, the Edwards variety, will open play with some different names around him. Gone are the McNary-types, the Logan Rodgers-types, the James Posey-types, etc. There will be a new cast of characters.

This particular character, Edwards, had some on-field, varsity success in ’23. Edward played in seven games, had a handful of tackles and an INT, on defense, he returned 19-yards and caught a handful of passes for small, yet positive gains.

If you take his long-snapping into account, Edwards had and demonstrated three-phase capability. That is a boon on any high school roster.

Edwards is 5’10,” and weighs 160-pounds. Edwards has a 4.2 GPA.

Edwards is athletic. Edwards is versatile. Edwards is smart.

Who would have thought those characteristics would lead him in 2024; back here, exactly where we need him? You can almost hear the tune.

Who'd have thought they'd lead you
(Who'd have thought they'd lead you)
Back here where we need you?
(Back here where we need you?)

John Sebastian, "Welcome Back, Kotter"

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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