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Storm Warning: Mattox Allen

’27 football prospect unsure of where he will fit in only that he will fit somewhere

Every year, as we slide into Spring, we discover talent which didn’t play any varsity snaps the year before but will hit the two-deep in the coming year and really make a difference. People around the program assure us we should keep our eye on Mattox Allen. Allen has yet to get the chance to strut his stuff but we are told there is plenty about the young athlete which will be strut-able.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

The Storm will be back and looking for action in ’24

Mattox Allen’s Hudl Account

Football coaches in high school used to regularly tell me every freshman a program was forced into playing equaled a loss on the won-loss ledger. I am not sure that is even true anymore.

More and more freshmen are hitting the varsity roster physically capable of contributing immediately. We are seeing former MS players come on varsity rosters already bench pressing around 300-pounds and squatting four or more plates (405). I can assure you an eighth grader with that amount of power and prowess will play.

Mattox Allen didn’t see the field in ’23, that we could tell. Of course, ’23 was a tough year for any underclassman to get much playing time owing to the roster’s being stocked with upperclassmen players at many of its positions.

That sounds funny when talking about a program which didn’t make the playoffs and finished 4-6. However, as we have discussed in prior segments of this serial article, the Storm weren’t but a few scores away from finishing 8-2 as every game was a nip and tuck, within striking distance, affair.

[In ’23] the Storm weren’t but a few scores away from finishing 8-2 as every game was a nip and tuck, within striking distance, affair

Friday Night Fletch

Class 3A, District 1 was a tough customer in ’23 as there were more quality football teams than playoff slots. The districts fairing well in the KHSAA playoff attested to its toughness.

Allen is a guy who would like to get a look at QB. The Storm is pretty well situated at QB at present. We believe, and conventional wisdom would agree, that Allen has his best chance of catching some PT on the defensive side of the football.

Either way, it will be fun to monitor him going forward in ’24. His development will be key to the overall development of the team and its ability to compete and even thrive at the 3A classification on this side of the commonwealth.

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