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Kellen and Mike Marksbury

’24 “ATH” has proven dad’s best player

Spencer County is having a fine year. Whether they are 7-5 or not, they find themselves readying for a Regional Championship game and trip to beautiful Paducah, Kentucky to battle with one of Kentucky’s foremost traditions and better programs. The Blue Tornado will “come off the bus” with some real division one, college level talent. Spencer County has some talent of its own, not the least of which is surnamed “Marksbury.”

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball
KPGFootball predicted score: Tilghman 48, Spencer County 21
Friday Night Fletch

We picked Spencer County to beat St. Francis DeSales (out of Louisville) in round two. Just to refresh your memory, we liked Spencer County to win the game 28-24. Spencer County won 42-37.

Marksbury’s in play at

Now Spencer County entered that game 6-5 on the year with DeSales 9-2. The entire bevy of “picking experts,” over at a local newspaper of considerable circulation, all picked DeSales to advance.

This point was emphatically made to me online. I told the poster to go with the newspaper guys, that I was an idiot. That was tongue in cheek.

Of course you should note my predictions. I am “Friday Night Fletch.” None of those prognosticators could make that claim.

Well, anyway, I was right. One reason I was right, where so many of them whiffed, was I know how good of a football player ’24 Athlete, Kellen Marksbury really is.

I know how good of a football player ’24 Athlete, Kellen Marksbury really is

Friday Night Fletch

I know, for instance, Marksbury, son of head coach, Mike Marksbury, was probably the very best football player in 4A’s, 4th-district. I know Marksbury was a thousand-yard rusher, had 12-rushing TDs, had 21-receptions, caught 6-TDs receiving, and scored 9.7 points per game.

I know Marksbury had registered close to 30-tackles, had a TFL, and led the team with 3-INTs and 55-IRNYs. For that matter, I know what all the abbreviations above cited actually mean. Many of your reading this can’t say as much, I would suspect.

Those factoids are chief among the reasons I am a high school football expert and most of you, reading this, aren’t. Your continuing to read this site, daily, will put you on the road to expertise so good for you!

I know Marksbury led his ball club in rushing yards, rushing attempts, rushing TDs, receptions, receiving yards, scoring, and IRNYs. I know Marksbury was tied atop the team statistics in receiving TDs and INTs.

I know that being the “team leader,” or tied for “team leader,” in 10-separate, key, statistical categories is unique. It is the type of unique you don’t see every year. It is the type of unique you may not see every five (5) years.

So the Marksbury marksmen will now take aim at one of Kentucky’s scariest targets. Tilghman is 12-0.

Tilghman knocks out opponents as early as a young Mike Tyson

Friday Night Fletch

Tilghman doesn’t beat teams; the Blue Tornado humiliates teams. Tilghman knocks out opponents as early as a young Mike Tyson did, in prize fighting, when Cus D’Amato was still alive to guide Tyson’s career.

However, Spencer County didn’t make it to the Regional Championship round of the KHSAA playoffs to just lie down and let the lion feast. Spencer County will take its aim. The team will shoot its notch its arrows and shoot it shots, Friday night.

We call this “being an athlete”

At the end of the day, the Tilghman fans will discover the Spencer County long-bowmen, un-quivering arrows and notching the projectiles at their collective backsides, have at least a couple of marksmen aptly surnamed.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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