Sound the Siren, Opponents of Hopkins County Central Finding it Hard to Come In Out of the Rain…

The Storm have been compiling some audacious offensive numbers this season

Hopkins County Central put on quite the display of offensive football last Friday

I was invited to “The Gap” to watch “Senior Night” at Hopkins County Central this past Friday night. Central was hosting Class 4A, first district rival, Calloway County. The Storm didn’t disappoint. Neither did the hot dogs nor the pork chop sandwiches.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout for KPGFootball

I called up my buddy, Fletcher Long, and asked where he was headed Friday night. All of us around the magazine are scouting a game somewhere on Friday nights and we try to spread ourselves around as far and wide as we can.

“I am going to the Gap,” Fletcher told me. I knew that to mean Morton’s Gap, Kentucky. It is the home of Hopkins County Central.

After the game, Long told me a funny story. I would like to share his story with all of you. It went like this…

“I was standing on the sideline between (Head Football Coach) Coach Manning (William) and (Offensive Coordinator) Mike Evans,” Long told me. “The three of us were practically displaced when the Calloway team walked over top of us headed to its side of the field to warm-up.”

Long continued, “Manning’s eyes lit up. He looked around at his team and said, ‘This is our field!’ Then Manning winked and said, ‘I’ll use this, see if I don’t.'”

Long continued, “[Manning] ran over to his team and started giving them the business about the slight the three of us had conveniently and mutually perceived. Fifty-four points later, our collective honors had been redeemed.”

…coaches, particularly the good ones like Manning, will grab any reason to squeeze an ounce of emotion from his team.

Fletcher Long, KPGFootball’s Senior Scout

Long, then told me, “I love how coaches, particularly the good ones like Manning, will grab any reason to squeeze an ounce of emotion from his team. Heck, Manning had me ready to go!”

Coach Long knows how to spin a word. He’s a darn good story teller.

Manning has done a lot of two things since taking the reins at Hopkins County Central. He’s regularly beaten opponents. Just as often, he’s found ways to motivate his players to play above their heads.

It has been a joy to watch. It was fun Friday night too. That’s why kids love to play for him.

…kids love to play for [Manning].

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Central looked like it was having a ball Friday night. Jaden Brasher, QB, threw for 269-yards on 13 of 17 passing with 5-TD’s against no picks. Logan Rodgers caught five (5)-passes for 119-receiving yards and 3-TD’s.

Both of those guys were having a blast. You know who wasn’t having much fun? Yep, you guessed it, Calloway County.

You know who wasn’t having much fun? Yep, you guessed it, Calloway County.

HB Lyon

Calil McNary got in on the good time. He carried it 10-times for 141-yards and 2-TD’s, one covering 80-yards, and caught 3-passes for 72-yards one of which hit pay dirt from 25-yards out. Harlee Egbert gained 77-yards on 8-carries with a long of 20 and he scored a rushing TD too. Carter Edwards caught a 33-yard TD.

Rodgers had a blast Friday night

Will it still be fun when the Storm rolls into “Madisonville-proper” this Friday night to take on a North-Hopkins team it has rarely beaten? North-Hopkins is 5-3 coming into the match, boasting one of the top freshmen RB’s in Kentucky, and (like Central) garnering poll attention each week when the AP poll gets published.

What motivation will Manning use to fire up his guys, like they would need any? Who knows? You can be rest assured he has something up his sleeve…and on his mind.

Manning may get lucky. The Maroons may mow down Long, Evans, and him when they take the field. Manning would use it; just see if he wouldn’t.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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