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Coach Hawkins has turned Bryan Station into a perennial threat to win 6A

’25 OL will be undertaking an entirely new kind of football

Satterly has extremely good feet which is a prized commodity in offensive line play. He has been accustomed to using his hands too as he has played goalkeeper for Bryan Station’s “other” football team. We love this prospect’s dimensions and believe he will continue to lengthen and his work in the weight room has him on pace among the leaders in his class and for where he will be positionally aligned. He has all the tools and “measurables” to morph into something special for the Defenders.

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The following are the attributes, or traits, most desired in goalkeepers in the game known everywhere (but America) as fútbol. We call it “soccer.” I don’t know why.

Goalkeepers have to have focus, alertness, concentration and be alert, 100% of the time, on the fútbol pitch. Goalkeepers must have speed, agility, strength, height, excellent fitness, hand technique, consistency, and bravery.

Sounds like the same attributes prized by offensive line coaches. Bryan Station and Elliott Satterly will learn this coming Fall if those attributes correlate from one sport to the other.

Satterly, a ’25 prospect, has decided to take a spin at playing the American version of a game he has been playing all along. Satterly is 6’3,” weighs in at a slim 230-pounds, and projects to play along the offensive front.

He may play tackle at Bryan Station or he may play along the interior. We believe his skill set, as he is also on the Defenders’ Track & Field team, would lend itself to playing outside. Besides that, who’s to say that his frame won’t finish out upwards of 6’5″ or more?

Satterly already has a bench press of 245; a squat and deadlift of four plates (405).

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Now we would love to have some film for you to evaluate. That may have to wait until this next offseason. Right now, he doesn’t show as having been on the Defenders’ roster for its 10-4, semi-state campaign in ’22.

We can tell you he is accomplished in the weight room for a sophomore. Satterly reports a bench press of 245, a squat and deadlift of four plates (405). These numbers aren’t elite, but are solid.

The problem here is soccer and football are both Fall sports. It is very doubtful Satterly will be able to play them both. Not impossible…but doubtful.

Still, this young man appears bent on trying his hand on the “American” version of a sport he has played very well in its other form. He has the stature, he has the physical prowess, and he has the attributes needed to thrive.

At Bryan Station, he has the coaching staff requisite to bring him along. We are excited to see just how well this experiment works. In fact, quite anticipatory…

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