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The Lexington Tryout for the Kentucky Future Stars Team was today at historic Lexington Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky.  There were lots of skills at the Combine in Louisville and what Kentucky Future Stars really needed to show in Lexington were bigs.  Well…they did.  Two really impressive linemen from Johnson County who showed out were Hunter Scott and Cameron Willis.  Hunter is a big lineman but Cameron Willis, who might not be as big as some of the other players at his position, makes up for any lack of heft with the fact he is a State Wrestling Champion at his weight class.  In other words, Cameron Willis was throwing kids around today.  There was another big from Madisonville, whose name I don’t have, who looked good and who is a virtual unknown on the All-Star circuit.  Unknown or not, he probably made his first All-Star team today.

Two stud 8th grade TEs tried out today in Zack Russell and Daren Derringer.  I am pretty sure on Zack’s name being spelled correctly as he is a multiple member of Team Kentucky FBU and a FBU All-American.  Derringer is a Team Kentucky FBU member too but I will have to just settle for spelling his name how it sounds.  A notable omission from both the Louisville and Lexington tryouts was Arren Hash, the Rifleman, who has been Team Kentucky’s FBU QB the past two years and the starter for Kentucky Future Stars last year.  Maybe he intends to attend the make-up tryout April 18, 2017 @ 6:00 p.m. EST which we be held at Louisville Western High School.

Kentucky Prep Gridiron  would like to thank Coach GJ Wooldridge for his contributions as our eyes and ears today in Lexington.  After having talked with Ricco Hughes, the Kentucky Future Stars staff is confident it has had tremendous talent audition for this year’s Future Stars team and it will be more than able to fashion a formidable squad to represent the Commonwealth in this year’s classic in Clarksville, Tennessee.



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