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Quintez Thomas made the All-District team as an OL. Funny, we think he may have been even better this past season on the other side of the scrimmage line.

Two-way lineman who could end up on either side of the ball in college

We like him as a defender, but he is a nasty finisher, upfront, along an offensive line. You will find offensive linemen who have before toiled along a defensive front will be nasty finishers and accomplished and aggressive offensive linemen once they “figure out” how the position is played. This guy has the frame you want and the statistics on the field and performance in the class room colleges need.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief Scout, KPGFootball

Qunitez Thomas is a man. If his picture doesn’t confirm that fact for you alone; well then, we aren’t sure what to do with you. Tomas is 6’5,” weights 370-pounds, and moves very well for a high school player transitioning to a college roster, much less a defensive lineman weighing closer to four-bills than three.

How many high school football players, across Kentucky, can squat five-bills (500-pounds) for six reps

HB Lyon, KPGFootball‘s Senior Sports Writer

Is he strong? How many high school football player, across Kentucky, can hex-bar squat five-bills for six reps?

Is he being recruited? Thomas has been on visits to everywhere from Purdue to UK, from UPike to Kentucky Christian, and just about every stop along the way.

He has plenty of offers to consider. We are a little surprised he didn’t sign in the early period.

Thomas is a guy D-1’s like but are struggling to quantify the degree of like. We don’t know if D-1’s are willing to pay for him or if they will expect him to PWO.

Small colleges appear both willing and jumping at the opportunity to pay for him. They are throwing money at him and just as fast as they can get the funds budgeted.

Now, like the prospect we featured yesterday, his brother Quintel; this Thomas has played for a program on the ascend but one which has struggled in recent years. Louisville’s Eastern High, as discussed yesterday, needs some more Thomases if it wishes to continue to trend upwardly in Kentucky’s largest classification.

Thomas had 79-tackles, 5-TFL’s, a QB-sack, 3-FF’s, and 3-FR’s in this past season

KHSAA statistical website

This Thomas had some fine statistics, particularly on Friday night and on the defensive side of the ledger sheet. Over his senior campaign, Thomas registered 79-tackles, 5-TFL’s, a QB-sack, 3-FF’s, and 3-FR’s.

It has been our experience, covering high school football, that players forcing three fumbles over the course of a season are hitting ball carriers forcefully. Recovering three fumbles indicates Thomas isn’t getting moved off the line of scrimmage by would-be blockers.

Image from prospect’s Twitter

Opponents didn’t seem to block this guy very well at all. Remember, Thomas only got nine (9)-games run over which to compile those numbers.

We are assuming opponents tried to block Thomas. Who knows, with Thomas’s stature and frame, perhaps only the heartiest of souls even attempted it.

We believe this is a D-1 guy, but don’t have any problems seeing him using an opportunity to get a tremendous education at one of Kentucky’s various small colleges which confer impactful and prestigious academic degrees.

Thomas is a 3.0-performer in the classroom. We hear the curriculum at Louisville’s Eastern High is no joke. This kid’s talent is no joke either.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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