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’23 RB shredded Louisville’s HS ranks this past Fall

Louisville Eastern went 4-7 this year and is yearly fighting for relevance on the Kentucky 6A scene. Players like Quintel Thomas will help the ascendancy quicker than practically anything else the program can undertake. Still, Shawn Yohn’s Eagles are improving and developing real star talent. This Thomas kid put up big numbers and is headed to college to play on Saturdays.

Fletcher Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Louisville Eastern is a program fighting for recognition, and often, relevance. No one has to tell Shawn Yohn; he is instrumental in the daily struggle.

Still, the program produces fine talent and has a roster with some real players on it. They are losing a couple of players from off its 4-7 ball club who may prove difficult to replace.

The Thomas boys are for real (Quintel and Quintez). Today we feature the RB, Quintel.

Trying to battle a program’s way to district supremacy in District 5 has been no easy task. Having to yearly contend with Trinity and Ballard is a difficult proposition putting it as mildly as we are able.

Quintel Thomas straight went off over the course of his senior season. The 5’11,” 190-pound RB carried the football 246-times, gaining 1,681-yards from scrimmage, and scoring 13-rushing TD’s. That comes out to 6.8-yards per rushing attempt and 152.8-yards an evening.

Contending yearly with Trinity and Ballard is a difficult proposition

HB Lyon, KPFFootball‘s Senior Sports Writer

Thomas led his team in offensive scoring with 82-points. The entire squad scored 246-points this year, so Thomas’ 82-points comprised roughly one-third of the team’s entire point production.

Those are near staggering numbers. Particularly for 6A, Kentucky, high school football.

Thomas has plenty of programs interested in him. The University of Charleston is hot on his trail and Lindsey Wilson would like to get him to remain in-Kentucky. Those are just two of many vying for this hotshot RB.

Thomas has plenty of programs interested in him

HB Lyon
Quintel is setting the right type example for the program’s future

Let us drop this little nugget of fact too. Quintel is not the only “Thomas” drawing recruiting interest around Louisville’s Eastern High. Quintez, whom we will feature tomorrow, has shown he can flourish on and off the field, particularly in the classroom.

These are the type players Louisville, 6A’s have to routinely have to show upward ascension in the ranks. Eastern is starting to develop this type talent under Yohn. College programs are taking serious notice.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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