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Ethan Gregory played at Corbin before transferring to North Laurel where he has really shone. He is 5’8,” 175-pound RB who has impressive strength numbers and statistics supporting his being an elite RB in the commonwealth of Kentucky. We believe the jury is in on his being a “next level guy.” His family and he just need to find the right fit.

Fletcher Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

We have before written that there are always All-State caliber talent left off every all-state football team. Ethan Gregory from North Laurel is a fine example of this.

Gregory transferred over to North Pulaski from Corbin High. In two years at Corbin, Gregory gained 380-yards with 2-TD’s and 22-yards receiving. Since arriving at North Laurel, Gregory has 1,631-yards rushing with 12-TD’s entering next season, which will be his senior campaign. Needles to say, the transfer has been agreeable to the Gregory clan.

Gregory gained 1,251-yards on 200-carries this past season for the Jaguars. He scored 10-rushing TD’s and added 12-receptions, swinging out of the backfield, for an additional 79-receiving yards.

Gregory gained 1,251-yards on 200-carries this past season for the Jaguars

KHSAA Statistical Website

Gregory averaged 6.25-yards per carry playing 5A football. He played sparingly on defense, logging 9-tackles from MLB.

Ethan was on the All-District team and the All-Priority Bowl Team and has been consistently promoted for All-State consideration across various commonwealth-wide platforms. In any year other than ’22, where we have seen a glut of superior talent at the RB position, Gregory’s candidacy for an all-state team may have been a cod-lock cinch.

Heck, in spite of his numbers being what they were, Gregory was still the 4th-place rusher just in his region. That region produced, among others, three separate running-backs who all outgained Gregory, like Daniel Thomas (a guy who made our All-State team, Bell County), Steven Partin (Knox Central), and Cameron Combs (Corbin).

Gregory was…the 4th-place rusher just in his region

KHSAA Statistical Website

In the case of Thomas and Combs, they both played on teams which played more than the 12-games allotted Gregory. In Combs’ case he played in 15-games, as Corbin was a finalist in 4A.

Gregory is a weight room warrior which is among the things about him we most admire. Though weighing under 180, Gregory is a 285-pound bench-presser who power cleans 245. Gregory back squats 385 and clips off forties at 4.63-second speed.

We were able to reach Gregory’s coach at North Laurel in preparation for this article’s being published. Coach Jason Chappell told a representative of KPGFootball that, “Ethan Gregory is an extremely hard working, humble young man that does anything and everything asked of him. He is a great teammate and a joy to coach.”

Coach Chappell also told us, “Ethan is a really talented kid with good feet and great vision. Gregory has the skill set, at RB, colleges crave.”

As for Gregory himself, he has some goals for his senior year. He told KPGFootball he wanted to get his bench to 315-pounds, his power clean to 275, and his back squat to 425. As for statistics at North Laurel next season, we are told Gregory is shooting for 2,000-2,500-yards and 25-30 TD’s.

Now North Laurel produced a pair of 1,000-yard plus guys (Tucker Warren gained 1,154-yards from his QB-slot) on its way to 3,178-yards on the ground, 34-rushing TD’s in 457 carries. That is close to 290-yards an outing and over 3-TD’s a game.

Now North Laurel produced a pair of 1,000-yard plus guys

KHSAA Statistical Website

If there is a place where Gregory can meet the lofty goals he has set for himself, London, Kentucky appears to be the place. Between now and then, we just need to find him the right college fit.

Somebody, somewhere is going to owe us “big-time” for this referral. You can thank us later.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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