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We have begun featuring, here on KPGFootball, a weekly variety of shorter stories in one combined article about football news from around the coverage area. These articles feature snippets of information for the football enthusiasts which we consider, without a doubt, of interest to the Kentucky high school and middle school football fanatics, such as we. So, without further adieu, here we go with the News and Notes from the Gridiron

The Maroons on the Camp circuit

The University of Tennessee at Martin hosted a camp with the University of Michigan. The camp occurred in Martin, Tennessee and it drew exactly like one would expect. Two of the more impressive campers there, from a standpoint of offensive linemen were Blake Moody and Jordan Vaughn, both on the loaded roster at Madisonville North-Hopkins. I got to watch Vaughn during several of the one on ones and he showed really good feet, the ability to drop back and intercept the outside rush well, and the strength and base to get his hands into the defender and gain separation using his long arms. Jordan is a 6-5, 255 pound OT whose stock is perpetually gaining in value. Jariah Hightower was also in Martin, Tennessee and showing off his wares to the combined coaching staffs of Martin and the University of Michigan…

A Cardinal was in the house…

Got to see Barrett Hendley, who last year played Tackle and End for the Mayfield High School team as a Junior. In talking with Barrett after the combine he shared that he was being moved to NG this next season, or at least that’s what he thought. Barrett is 6-4 and weighs 280 pounds so he would be a really tall nose by conventional standards. Regardless of where positioned, it would be foolhardy for Hensley to not be featured prominently along one of the Mayfield fronts, either defensively, offensively, or both. Then again, KPGFootball doubts seriously Coach Joe Morris needs any help from us on the coaching front.

Several Caldwell County Tigers…

While Trel Riley was in West Lafayette, Indiana attempting to impress the Purdue Boilermakers, his cousin Jameer Riley was in Martin, Tennessee with teammates Oliver Parker and Jacoby Jaggers. For our money here at KPGFootballOliver Parker is easily one of the top 3-5 WR prospects anywhere in Kentucky in the Class of 2019. For one thing, the 6-3 170 pounder runs routes with laser precision and never seems to drop anything (and I mean anything). Parker also ran a 4.7 flat 40 yard dash at the Martin combine, which is plenty fast, especially with his length, for where he projects to play in college (slot receiver). That forty time is slower than the 4.6 he just ran at a camp at Lindsey-Wilson College just a week or so ago.

Hoptown Tigers strut at Martin…

I have to begin by saying WOW Jay Bland! That is about all you can say for the 6-0, 170 pound QB who during this offseason has deadlifted 500 pounds, back squatted 400 pounds, power cleaned 250 pounds and hang cleaned 245 pounds. Well, it would appear the added power and explosion has added quite a lot of speed. Jay asked me before the combine if he should run the 40 because he claimed his knee was sore. I told him, as a rising junior, to go on and run it and I am fortunate that was my advice. In his second attempt, Bland ran a 4.55 second forty and put himself squarely in the plans of UTMartin‘s recruiting office for its 2020 recruiting class. After the combine, I got a message from Coach Simpson via text that said we’ll be on the QB really soon. To that I respond, I’m sure you will.

William Long in the one on ones got matched up with the biggest, baddest, and one of the most highly recruited nose-guards in the Nashville area in Lebanon High School‘s 6-0 305 pound Greyson Gregory, himself a 2020 prospect at the Tennessee, Class 6A school. We have put a picture of Gregory to the left of this paragraph to highlight his massiveness but even more impressive was his quickness, burst off the line, and how well he moved. He destroyed every Center at the camp, and I mean embarrassingly so, until getting matched up with William LongGreyson, when William Long trotted up to the line for the rep, nudged the guy next to him, pointed at Long, and laughed. He really thought he was going to do to Long what he had done to everyone else. William Long absolutely killed him, not letting him more than a few feet from the line of scrimmage and no where near the dummy which was to represent the QB in the drill. Needless to say the campers, and UTMartin players, went wild afterwards as the two of them looked similar to a David-Goliath match-up as Gregory had 50 or so pounds on Long. The second time Long rolled up to the front for his rep, Gregory pushed his way up to in front of Long hoping for redemption and to show that perhaps the first rep was a fluke. What happened? Long shut him down even more dramatically than he had the first time…and the crowd went wild. For his part Greyson Gregory left out wondering what the Hell just happened. We here at KPGFootball and fans around the Commonwealth aren’t too surprised when the 365 pound bench-pressing, 520 pound back squatting, and 255 pound power cleaning member of Kentucky’s 2021 class whips any and everyone these days. We have come to expect it.

After the camp, in one of the more humorous moments Mayfield’s Barrett Hendley came up to William Long as the camp had culminated and put his long arm around Long’s shoulders and said, Well, I can see bull-rushing you will be futile. The two of them, provided Hendley is moved to nose, will be pitted against each other this next Fall in Mayfield, Kentucky on August 24. That game should pit two of the best players in the western end of the Commonwealth playing for two of the elite high school teams both historically and in 2018.

Ethan Wolford watch…

Belfry’s Ethan Wolford was at Miami of Ohio this past week-end. The 6-2, 270 pound Center prospect whom we at KPGFootball know to be the top player at his position in the 2020 class and may be the best center in any class in Kentucky was invited to see Miami of Ohio. I am sure the RedHawks were impressed with Wolford. This is a kid on the verge of getting about 5-6 offers, literally anytime, and no telling how many will be on the table after his eligibility has been exhausted.

Vincel Anthony, Jr. who we believe to be the best WR in Kentucky in the 2022 class, attended the FBU Regional Camp in Nashville, Tennessee at Independence High School in Williamson County, right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. FBU is Football University and it is owned by the same parties who run Top Gun, The US Army Game, Rivals, and MaxPreps. It was a two-day camp and Vinny worked specifically with former Georgia WR Terrence Edwards who played professionally for many years. Edwards expressed being wowed by Vincel Anthony, Jr.’s route running, hands, speed, how Anthony caught the ball away from his body and attacked the football at the highest point. Anthony, because of both his advanced and inordinate skill set, was moved up from the middle school group to work with the juniors and seniors. Anthony also scored a Tog Gun invite to its combine in South Carolina this July. Vincel Anthony, Jr. is 5-10 and weighs 160 pounds. He ran a FAT (Fully Automated Time-laser) 4.7 second forty yard dash. That folks is flying.

Well, fans and enthusiasts, that’s about all from the Gridiron for now. Until we meet again, this is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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