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Dylan Peck

You can’t find a young offensive lineman anywhere in Kentucky with a better frame than Dylan Peck. You won’t find a young big who is any more athletic nor has any more promise.

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There is nothing more important than the left tackle along an offensive front. That is why the LT position is the second highest paid position on a NFL football team right behind QB.

You might say young OL are in the protection racket. QBs will offer plenty to secure a talented one at many different levels of play.

Peck, No. 75

If you were to pick exactly how you would want a middle school LT to be framed out, Peck is it. Peck is a ’26 prospect who is 6-4, weighs 225-pounds and played in middle school along both lines of scrimmage.

Peck is an accomplished young player. Peck, who is 14-years old, has made the FBU select squad twice, played in the Kentucky/Tennessee Future Stars Classic, and has played in the KYMSFA “Battle of the Regions” twice.

Defensively a year ago for Campbell Middle School, Peck had 67-tackles, 12-FFs, and 4-FRs. Where a young defensive lineman (DE/DT) is forcing 12-fumbles, he is obviously laying some licks out there.

On the offensive side of the football there are fewer statistics to which we can point. We can tell you he manned the LT slot all season long, as he does on his many all-star appointments, and led his team with 28-pancakes.

Looking forward to his deployment as a high school player, we believe Peck forecasts to play offensive line, particularly in college. Now, in high school we think he is likely a two-way player.

We believe he will pull double-duty anywhere he happens to go. We believe this to be true even where he ends up at Johnson Central.

We believe his being an Eagle is likely. Coach Jesse Peck’s appointment to the head football coaching position to replace the late Jim Matney makes Dylan practically a shoe-in to play in high school at the Johnson County, 4A, juggernaut.

Dylan Peck is a player who has some tremendous football in his near future. He is also a rising 9th-grader we expect to hit the field really early in his high school career.

As for Peck as a college prospect, well the sky’s the limit. Good thing Peck’s in the protection racket. College programs are alway looking for “that guy.”

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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