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Alex Rayyan

Rayyan is a player who didn’t get much varsity run in ’21. We saw enough of him elsewhere to confidently predict he will be a big-time, 6A talent very soon. (*)There are rumors swirling around he may be playing for LCA this coming Fall. It is not the policy of KPGFootball to comment on transfer rumors or decisions.

Lexington-area KPGFootball Agent

Lexington Lafayette could use some help. Nothing like a 2-9 season to spell that point out for any of the Generals faithful who may be reading this particular article.

The Generals have some big time talent coming down the pipeline. That talent needs to hit the field early and often this coming season.

One guy who fits that bill is ’25’s Ale Rayyan. Rayyan only got in one game a year ago but he did log some tackling statistics so he made the appearance count.

Rayyan is probably best described as an “Athlete.” He plays some WR. He played some DB. He plays some RB.

Rayyan is 5-10 and weighs 160-pounds. He carries a 3.0 GPA making him a take at many different levels and on a variety of college rosters for when the time comes.

Like many prospects across Kentucky he needs to work on his Hudl account and he needs to work on his Twitter page. We think this will come as he settles into the varsity lineup and program.

We talked to our Lexington area scout. He told KPGFootball, “Rayyan is a player who didn’t get much varsity run in ’21. We saw enough of him elsewhere to confidently predict he will be a big-time, 6A talent very soon.”

We asked him what he meant by “soon.” He told KPGFootball, “He won’t likely begin the year in the starting lineup though we expect he will be in the playing rotation. By the end of the season, we believe he’s a starter.”

We have said this many times, college prospects find the lineup sometime over their sophomore seasons. We believe the same will hold true for this guy too. We believe he has college football on his horizon.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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*Note: According to the prospect’s Twitter account, Rayyan will be playing for Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) in the Fall of ’22. It is a policy of KPGFootball to avoid commenting on transfers until the transfer has been cleared for eligibility by the KHSAA and news of the transfer has been officially released to the media.

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