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Here come the Blue Devils!

’25 Safety able to also play WR

Luke DiNardo hs a good frame and could even put on a pound or two and end up playing OLB. We would love to see more of him at WR, but a kid pulling “Iron Man” duty at Kentucky 6A is unlikely. DiNardo’s next level opportunities will rest with his registered speed and quicks. He is a heady player who finds himself around the football often. Those are solid qualities for a guy playing safety in 6A coming off his sophomore campaign.

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Luke DiNardo attends Henry Clay High in Lexington, KY. That school is named for a Kentuckian who was a powerful political broker in his day in spite of his having run, unsuccessfully, for President five (5) times.

Clay was a controversial, historical figure. Clay owned as many as 60 slaves, but still referred to the institution as a dark spot on the fabric of our nation. Clay opposed Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act which may have “be-Deviled,” if you will, the heck-fire out of “Old Hickory.”

We don’t know how the high school settled on “Blue Devils” for a mascot. There is no evidence anyone ever referred to Clay as a Devil or The Devil, though Andrew Jackson probably thought it. Either way, Clay was a shrewd and ambitious politician who had some powerful enemies.

We hear Luke DiNardo has been much better received, particularly by the Henry Clay football program, than the late Henry Clay was, during his life time. This would be particularly true around the Washington D.C. powerbrokers who envied Clay’s political chops.

DiNardo was a sophomore in ’22. It didn’t stop him from thriving on the field and compiling some nice statistics for his efforts.

DiNardo (in ’22) was among the third (3rd) level leaders in tackles (24) and PBU’s (passes broken up)

KHSAA statistical website

In ’22, playing mostly at safety, DiNardo was among the third (3rd) level leaders in tackles (24) and PBU’s (passes broken up). The 6,’ 190-pounder was quick and fast enough to get over the top of vertical routes and defend them, playing 6A football, while also being sturdy and thick enough to come up into the run box and lend support slowing opposing running attacks.

One number which jumps out at recruiters is that 4.0 GPA the young man is sporting. Academic numbers like that open doors for opportunities, next level, not all athletes get to enjoy.

We like this kid’s game and only see him stockpiling more impressive statistics as he matures and continues to earn PT for the Blue Devils in ’23 & ’24. Will he move along to “Saturday Play?” We don’t see why not!

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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