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Well, we hope, at KPGFootball, everyone is enjoying our Weekly Winners segment where we comment on upcoming games and pick a winner. As for our prowess picking Winners, or picking the winner in our Inside the Numbers segment, we went 16-5 on September 28, a performance of which we weren’t too proud, since we are being honest. On the season, we are 98-25, and our seasonal win percentage has dipped below the 80% threshold (.79674797) we expect of  ourselves. Basically, we could use a good week. Well, you will be happy to learn we have 20 more games on the slate for this upcoming Thursday and Friday nights, but, in keeping with tradition, we will lump the games together and call them all October 5th games. Let’s get right to it.

Hazard at Phelps: The Hazard Bulldogs head into Hornet country hoping they don’t get stung on the rear like they just did in Pikeville on September 28. Phelps is an up and coming program which has enjoyed nearly unparalleled success under head coach, David Jones. Phelps is having a really great year and garnering some Class 1A top ten votes, but are facing a Hazard teams traditionally a bully in 1A, and presently ranked 6th in this week’s AP poll notwithstanding being 3-2. We believe it will be a more pleasant trip to Pike County this time.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Hazard

Waggener at Central: These are two teams headed in different directions. Coming into the year, Waggener is probably better than what many expected and Central isn’t as good as everyone thought they would be. Both teams are 4-2, but an edge has to be given to Central who has better talent and is at home for this game.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Central 

Tates Creek at Madison Central: Tates Creeks is 3-2 and coming off a double-digit win over Danville. Sure, Danville is no where near as good as last year, when they won it all in Class 2A, but they are still Danville. Both teams got killed by Frederick Douglass which is ranked number 2 in this week’s Class 6A, AP Poll.  We think Madison Central is better than Tates Creek, though not by much, and Madison Central is at home.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Madison Central

Butler at Pleasure Ridge Park: Get serious dude! Butler is coming off a win over DuPont Manual at Manual and PRP is a basketball school, at least historically.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Butler

Trinity at Eastern: This game is going to be a total blow-out. I usually pass on picking games like this, as I could go 20-0 every week by just picking the games where good teams feast on pastry. There isn’t too much parity in Kentucky High School football so there are 20, or even more, games every week which are over before the opening kick-off. I am taking this game only because I would like, at least one time this season, to pick the Shamrocks and not lose. I passed on Trinity-Jeffersontown for the reason above cited and lost that opportunity, so I am not losing out on this one. Incidentally, I will not be picking the winner of Trinity-Seneca, next week, unless Trinity losses this one by some unbelievable and unforeseeable twist of fate.

KPG’s Weekly Winner: Trinity (C’mon baby, just one time)

Holy Cross at Kentucky Country Day: This is a battle of two teams neither of whom is very good. The Holy Cross Cougars have the most coveted college prospect in the Class of 2022, in Kiyaunta Goodwin, but little else and Kentucky County Day’s mascot is a bearcat. I wasn’t sure a bearcat was even a real animal until I Googled it. Incidentally, that is a bearcat pictured to the left of this paragraph. If you ask me, it doesn’t appear the mighty bearcat, which I understand to be neither bear nor cat, would last two seconds fighting a Cougar. Maybe this Bearcat can whip this Cougar with the home field.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Kentucky Country Day

Covington Catholic at Indianapolis Bishop Chatard: The best team in Kentucky, regardless of classification, travels to Indianapolis to play Indiana’s 6th best football team, Bishop Chatard, in the battle of the Catholics. Is Kentucky high school football superior to what is played in Indiana? We think so…

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Covington Catholic

Logan County at Hopkinsville High School: Hopkinsville High School, like Louisville Trinity, is a team we are tired of it making us look stupid. We picked them to win its opener against South Warren, at home. Wrong! We picked them to beat cross-town, Christian County. Wrong! We picked them to beat Madisonville North-Hopkins. Wrong! We have picked Logan County every week and they have never disappointed us, at least not this year. Logan’s only loss over the last two years? Hopkinsville beat them 43-7, in the second round, in 2017. That’s not happening this time. Like Trinity, I am not falling for the Tigers’ crap anymore.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Logan County

Crittenden County vs. Ballard Memorial: Crittenden County’s mascot is the Rockets while Ballard Memorial’s mascot is the Bombers. A rocket is defined as a projectile that can be propelled to either a great height or distance by the combustion of its contents and includes missile as a synonym. A bomber is a plane which drops bombs that detonate and blow things to smithereens. So which one is more lethal, a bomber or a rocket/missile? Well, don’t know about in the literal world but in the world of Kentucky High School football the Rockets are way more lethal than the Bombers.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Crittenden County

Trigg County at Caldwell County: Trigg County is 3-3 on the year and just got smoked at home against Paducah Tilghman 51-27. Caldwell County, ranked 6th in this week’s AP poll in the 3A classification, has beaten three ranked teams, in three successive weeks, including a 37-22 win over Tilghman in Paducah. Caldwell County might be the hottest team in Kentucky right now.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Caldwell County

Ravenwood at South Warren: Ravenwood is the 25th highest regarded team in Tennessee at 6-1. South Warren, who is at home this year, after losing to Ravenwood in Brentwood, Tennessee in 2017, is the 11th best team in KY according to the MaxPreps computer algorithm. KPGFootball will dance The Funky-Monkey on television in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade if there are 10 football teams in Kentucky better than South Warren. There may be four. 

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: South Warren (because they are at home)

Todd County Central at McLean County: This game is in Calhoun, Kentucky. There is absolutely no reason to pick Todd County as every statistic and modicum of logic tells us Todd County Central can’t beat McLean County anywhere, much less in Calhoun, Kentucky. Then again, there was no reason Todd County should have beaten Hancock Co. and they did for the same reason they may win Friday night. Darrell Keith on the Rebels’ sideline. 

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Todd County Central

Christian County at Owensboro Apollo: Christian County is coming off a 42-20 loss to Owensboro (Senior) High at home and now has to go to Owensboro to play Apollo. Apollo is coming off back-to-back losses to Owensboro Catholic and Graves County with the latter scoring 64 points. Christian County isn’t great on offense but, overall, is a better team than Apollo. The margin is pretty slim, however. One thing weighing in County’s favor, the two have played every year since 2011 with Christian County winning every one of them since that time. That’s a hard bit of psychology to overcome.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Christian County

Henderson at McCracken: Henderson County has never beaten McCraken County since the school opened and they are both Class 6A, District 1, opponents. You have heard the saying, there’s a first time for everyting. Well, that won’t apply this year.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: McCracken Co.

Owensboro Catholic at Hancock County: Owensboro Catholic is way better than Hancock, and I mean way better. 

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Owensboro Catholic

Conner at Campbell County: The 5-1 Conner Cougar team and the 4-2 Camels from Campbell County are really close in ability. I mean you couldn’t turn around for the difference. Have you ever seen a Cougar and Camels fight? Well, I would suggest to you Camels are more ornery and tougher than you would think. It will take more to take down this Camel than one Cougar traveling to Campbell County can accomplish. We’ll take the home team.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Campbell County 

East Carter at Ashland Blazer: Have you ever heard of the game King of the Mountain? Well Ashland Blazer is the King of the Kentucky Mountains and no one from Grayson, Kentucky is going to topple the Tomcats. Ashland-Blazer will run its record in 2018 to 9-0.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Ashland Blazer

Owensboro at Marshall County: We have sung the praises of the Red Devils all season, even when they lost. This won’t be a week where losing is even in question as Senior High would likely get a better game from playing Coach Greg Brown’s Owensboro Junior High.

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: Owensboro (Senior) High

Christian Academy-Louisville at St. Francis DeSales. Both of these teams are among the best in the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, regardless of classification. Well, one of these 6-0 teams has to lose. DeSales has beaten St.Xavier, Butler, Lexington Catholic and North Hardin. We believe, this week they will add the Christian Academy-Louisville to this impressive list of conquered foes. 

KPGFootball’s Weekly Winner: St. Francis DeSales

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there that #WeGotUCovered and to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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