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Well one thing is for sure. You can’t get them to college and make them longer.

The Lord can, but a college coach can’t. He would be the first to admit it.

Sure, sometimes a player will add height and length after enrolling, like David Robinson did back in the day playing basketball for Navy, but overall you take them as the Lord makes them. If you like your defensive down-linemen to have some length and an enviable frame, we just may have the guy for you.

Have any of you ever been to Liberty, Kentucky. If you are a college coach looking for football talent you just might put that particular destination into your GPS.

Keegan Daniel wears number 15. Don’t always see trench-warriors wear that number. Probably a remnant from when he played outside LB.

Regardless, Daniel is a 6-4, 260-pound player who plays both inside and outside across the Rebels front in the 2nd-district of the 3A-classification. Can’t give you an exact wing-span on this kid but he has long arms, longer than his 76″ of height.

Last year, for the Rebels, Daniel was 4th on the team in total tackles. He also was second in QB-sacks. He didn’t get but 6-games, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, so his 35-stops was nothing at which to sneeze.

We love his set up, as his back is nice and straight in his stance and he looks ready to explode out of his stance. We would love to see him off the ball quicker and a tad lower. This offseason would be excellently spent working on core-strength and explosion.

Keegan should live in the weight room too. He has everything a coach can’t give him in frame and length. If he rounds it out by working on power, strength, explosion, and speed throwing some iron plates around the old field house, we think Liberty, Kentucky is looking at a bone fide college football player at some level in the very near future.

This is a solid football player. Daniel will “do the work” and really breakout on the high school, commonwealth-wide scene next year, “if he wants it.”

We wrote an article once about a player who credited our having featured him when he signed to play in college. He said we motivated him to grind himself into a next level guy. It was one of the finer moments we have ever enjoyed around the magazine’s offices. We were thrilled.

We believe this is another guy who, with the determination to go with his undeniable anatomical gifts, can basically do the same thing. We hope this article supplies the motivation to push him to the greatness of which he is capable. We are sure Coach Stonebraker does too.

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