Jaylin “The Boss” Bross, Half Sports Car, Half Tank!

Probably the first thing one notices about Barrett Traditional Middle School’s Jaylin Bross is his extraordinary physique.  There is just no way this kid is really an eighth grader…except that he is.  Jaylin is the son of a Coach and former college football player, and the son has found his way into the weight room it would appear.  Jaylin is built low to the ground as his 5’8″ height would indicate but trying to square up and tackle his 180

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  1. Actually, Jaylin Bross is the son of two active coaches at Louisville Male High School. Both of his parents are former collegiate athletes; his mother is the Head JV girl’s basketball coach at her alma mater, while his father is the Linemen coach for the Freshmen football team. His athleticism is in his DNA, however his talent is God given.

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