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Ian Williams, No. 7

’25 Linebacker/TE maybe the best 2nd level defender at any level in Western Kentucky

This kid is a superior linebacker on the western end of Kentucky in the ’25 graduating class. He reminds one of Kory Combs, who is a ’25 linebacker playing at the same classification as Mayfield on the eastern end of Kentucky. He is 6’0,” weighs 225-pounds, registered 112-tackles a year ago, and carries a 3.943 GPA with a registered 22 on his ACT. What’s not to like? This kid’s dance card will be extremely full going forward into the ’24 season.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

530-pound deadlift, 13Xs

Front Squat of 365 pounds

Hudl Jr. Season Highlights

The 40-yard dash is one of the more discussed tasks, regarding football prospects, around the commonwealth. Truthfully, it gets more attention than deserved.

Running in a straight line, for 40-yards, and doing it quickly tells us you have good to great, straight line speed. It really doesn’t tell us anything about your spacial movement. It really doesn’t tell us much about your athleticism.

The en vogue discipline these days appears to be the short shuttle, pro-agility shuttle, the 5-10-5, or whatever else one wishes to call it. The term, agility, appears in the description of the exercise for a reason.

One linebacker whose shuttle time is eye-popping is Mighty Mayfield’s Ian Williams. Williams is a ’25, second level defender who plays TE when he is slotted on offense which tells you the type athlete we are featuring.

Williams has been working on his speed this offseason. We can see the speed training is paying big dividends.

Williams has registered a 4.26-second laser shuttle time

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Williams has registered a 4.26-second shuttle time. That time is a laser time, which means he is really that fast and quick. Williams’ time isn’t attributable to a friendly stop-watch operated by a relative or coach vested in the prospect’s future success.

Williams is so much more than just quick. Williams is a weight room stud.

We have some film linked up at the top of this feature you should definitely watch. You can witness the prowess for yourself. If you want to know how good one has to be to get recruited, watch the video…that good!

This prospect is a 315-pound bench presser and a 545-pound back squatter. We thought we would throw in those numbers because the above video didn’t record either.

Williams was Mayfield’s top tackler in ’23, a year in which Mayfield logged a 14-1 worksheet and one during which the Cardinals recorded another 2A, Kentucky title (13 titles). Williams registered 112-tackles and 3.5-QB sacks.

The efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Williams was honorably mentioned on the All-State football team, is a two time All WKC performer, and a 2X All-Purchase area performer.

Williams was Mayfield’s top tackler with 112-tackles and 3.5-QB sacks.

KHSAA Statistical Website

Williams has been doing it in the classroom too. Williams carries a 3.943-GPA and has a registered 22 on his ACT.

Not only is Williams a cinch to float through the NCAA Clearinghouse, he’s also a real candidate to be offered by the academically elite and prestigious programs around the area. This guy is a player who could contribute at many different levels of competition at the next level.

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