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Roger Duncan and his Raiders were really something this year. Photo: Taken from Prospect's Social Media uncredited.

Duncan has all the physical tools one would want in a college TE. He is tall, has plus length, and a frame on which a college training table could add good weight. Plus, his experience as a member of the Warren East basketball squad highlights his good feet, hands, and athleticism. This is a guy on which colleges should definitely roll the dice.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Well folks, Coach Lyon and I are going to swap roles for a while. First of all, I miss getting to craft the magazine’s articles. Secondly, he has a keener eye than I for talent. Lastly, I got sick and tired of hearing from many of you he is a better writer than I (which is total BS).

This article is entitled “Room at the Inn.” Being that Christmas has just passed, many of you will get the reference.

Roger Duncan is the type prospect we go on about quite a bit around the commonwealth. He is a 6’4,” 200-pound TE who may not weigh what some colleges would prefer for the position but nothing a training table, a weight program, and some time can’t remedy.

WEHS averaged 246.2 rushing yards a game, 8.84 yards per rushing attempt, gained 3,201-yards rushing this season, scored 45-rushing TD’s, and scored a TD every 8th-or-so carry.

KHSAA Statistical Website

Roger, a senior, has been offered by Union College so far. That is a solid offer as Coach Luttrell is a favorite of many of us around our offices.

The question is, will Union be the only program with “Room at the Inn” for a Kentucky prospect with such glaring upside? Man, what a steal if they are.

However (sorry John), they shouldn’t be. As fond of Coach Luttrell as we are, even he would grudgingly agree there should be many, many suitors for this player around the commonwealth.

Looking at Duncan’s season production, he added tremendous value to the final product this season especially true from the position where he was slotted. I have covered this commonwealth for years and Duncan’s stat-line is very similar to others posted by TE’s who went on to have fine college careers.

Duncan…added tremendous value to the final product this season…from the position where [Duncan] was slotted

Fletcher Long, Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Duncan finished third on the team in receptions, 4th in TD’s receiving, and was among the leaders in scoring. None of that is bad, at all, for a guy playing TE in a HS offense.

That doesn’t encapsulate his true value. You have to consider his being integral in a running attack which averaged 246.2 yards a game, 8.84 yards per rushing attempt, 3,201-yards rushing in 13-games, 45-rushing TD’s, and a TD every 8th-or-so carry. Folks, that’s not making hay, that is an entire hay field worth of production.

Perhaps that is why Coach Jeff Griffith’s Raiders were 12-1 this past year. Perhaps that is what propelled them into full entry into a 4A title race. Perhaps this particular prospect could produce similarly for your program, where he given that chance.


This is Fletcher Long, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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