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Scott High School is a Class 4A, 6th-district team which certainly struggled in ’20. Coach Eric Turner will have to do some heavy, off-season lifting with his roster to get this ship back on track.

Coach Turner is more than capable. We believe in him.

One place the Eagles can look for comfort and hope is at the QB-position. The school’s motto of “Soaring Above the Rest” is absolutely taking place at that position.

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His name is Gus Howlett. He may be the best QB returning in ’21, based off of what he did in ’20, and that is saying quite a bit with Cam Hergott returning at Beechwood under SB-128.

Gus Howlett is 5-11 and weighs 175-pounds. We will be the first to tell you many schools will overlook him because he isn’t tall enough to play QB, or so they will reason. They will be making a monumental gaff.

What we constantly preach around KPGFootball is that there really is no such thing as lacking the frame to play any game, least of all football. We report around our magazine on the guys playing well and showing they “can do it” in front of crowds on Friday night when it counts. We don’t report on the guys who look pretty everywhere but in the game.

There can be no legitimate claim Howlett isn’t playing at a very high level. Last season, in his team’s 6-games of run, Howlett threw for 1,744-yards on 136 for 221 passing. His completion percentage was 61.5% and he threw for 17-TDs against 12-picks. He averaged 291-yards passing per outing last Fall.


Sure, his team was 1-5. Sure, his team was a couple points from 0-6.

Our guess; Scott High School being down this year probably accounted for an unusually high TD:Int ratio in light of his completion percentage being so high. We wonder how many of his interceptions were tipped up into the air by open receivers who just didn’t come up with an on-the-money throw?

In spite of the team’s struggles, Howlett has plenty of college suitors monitoring him closely. We see Kentucky Wesleyan, Wilmington College, Thomas Moore, Depauw, and Mount St. Josephs among others lurking around waiting to pounce.

We think this guy is an easy “take” on multiple levels of college competition. We can literally come up with scores of QBs this guy’s exact size whose moxie, athleticism, football IQ, and throwing talent made them perform at exceedingly high levels in spite of not possessing the “coveted frame” to play where they found themselves slotted collegiately.

There is an old saying we use intermittently. It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. It has been our experience, throughout our lives, that sayings without the ring of truth don’t generally become “old sayings.” It takes the test of time and the ring of truth to cross that particular bridge.

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