Evan Kelley, Class of 2022, is this week’s Meeks & Meeks, Montgomery County Player of the Week

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As you are aware, we both have and continue to cover Clarksville, Tennessee talent, and talent from the Clarksville metropolitan area, as part of our coverage largely because we are principally based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopkinsville and Clarksville comprise one metropolitan area in spite of one city being in Kentucky and the second laying just across the Tennessee state line. Well, we are proud to have partnered with the law firm of Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys to feature a weekly article promoting a Clarksville area prep football player. Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys is a full service law firm covering all areas within the realm of general practice from domestic to criminal defense, contracts to malpractice, Will & Estates to civil and criminal matters in General Sessions. If you have a problem, they have a solution. If you feel like you’re drowning, they are the life raft. Call them at 931.645.3888 or just drop by 137 Franklin Street in Clarksville, Tennessee 37040.

More often than you may realize you run across middle schoolers who are too good for the level of competition they may find themselves playing. Evan Kelley, who is slated to play his high school football for Coach Jonathan Quinn at Davidson Academy, is a lot better than your standard middle school/rising 9th grade player. It would shock me if Kelley isn’t an early entry into the varsity line-up at DA. At what position he will enter the line-up I may not know but I expect him to be pushing for varsity repetitions very early in his career with the Bears. Kelley has played QB and played it well, but he has also played LB and has the frame, length, and explosion to be an upfield, pass-rushing terror with his hand in the dirt coming off the end.

Quinn, No. 12

Kelley is a kid who has committed himself to football and has been getting QB training under the watchful eye of QB guru and Rivals Top 100 Evaluator Jonathan Quinn (himself a former NFL QB). At QB, a position he may well outgrow before it is said and done, Kelley throws countless balls in the offseason to keep his arm strong. Here’s a scary proposition for you, he also graded out as high at LB, according to Tennessee Future Stars’ Coordinator, Josh Jones, as at QB. Kelley, in keeping with the Future Stars theme, played on the 7th grade team last summer and will be on the Tennessee team again, I would expect, should he be auditioning.

Evan, as a QB, can make any throw on the route tree. With the rumor Michigan target, Tyler Simpson (who holds an offer from Harbaugh), plans to sit this year out to compete for the varsity QB job in Martin, Tennessee, Kelley brings to the table a lot of the same skill set and should be called upon to fill that void. Kelley drops, sets up, and delivers the ball timely and accurately while still driving it into the receivers’ sweet spot on a frozen rope. He works through his progressions and has coverage recognition which, frankly, makes him appear much older than he is. It is easy to forget he’s a kid when padded up, owing to his 6-1, 195 pound frame. The son and grandson of two football players, whom both had their jerseys retired, gives him a pedigree and lineage which also shows in his play.

Evan has before run combine times (which means the timer wasn’t cheating for him) of 5.03 in the forty, and a pro-shuttle of 4.45.  Though he can run, and with a LB’s mentality he is willing to punish a defender, he is, in Kentucky Prep Gridiron’s opinion, a guy who Tennessee would do well to play at QB in the annual classic this coming summer. Regardless of whether he plays QB, he certainly makes the Tennessee team as either a DE or OLB.

We are very proud to award to Class of 2022, QB/DE/OLB Evan Kelley, this week’s distinction as the Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Player of the Week. KPG continues to look forward to our partnership with Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys as we both continue to publicize and promote all of the fine young football players in and around Clarksville, Tennessee. Congratulations to Evan Kelley for being our Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Player of the Week!

This is Fletcher Long reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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