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It certainly seems kids start demonstrating incredible skills these days younger and younger. I can remember when conventional wisdom dictated you really couldn’t tell anything about a prospect until watching his junior film. We identify top talent much sooner these days.

Judging by the frequency with which the young talent identified turns out being star players and college prospects as soon as they hit the 9th grade, it is hard to say the old way was better. The simple truth is kids train year-round now, trainer harder, train smarter, and are way more developed in middle school than we were once accustomed to seeing.

Programs like Kentucky Future Stars, FBU Eite, and the “Battle of the Regions” in the KYMSFA have amply made this point. We’re on the prospects these days, and we get on them quickly and early.

Emmett Queen is a ’27 prospect who is already turning heads. He carries a 4.0 GPA, lives in Edgewood, Kentucky, and is set to quarterback a team comprised of Catholic middle schools from all across Northern Kentucky in ’21 while entering the 7th-grade. There has already been quite a bit of ink spilt on him.

Among the many things we love about Queen is his being a versatile athlete. Queen is a star in football, baseball, and lacrosse. Lacrosse has enjoyed through the years tremendous cross-over correlation to the football field. Ever heard of Jim Brown?

Like NFL HOFer, Jim Brown; Queen also plays lacrosse and football

Make no mistake, and like Jim Brown, the boy is darn good at football. How good is he?

Well, QBHitList has him listed among the top-five QB prospects, nationally, in the ’27 class. If he continues to be so lauded, and we believe he will, he will be one acorn which didn’t fall too far from off its tree.

Emmett’s father, Heath Queen, below pictured in high school, went on to play for The Ohio State University in college. We don’t know why but pedigree seems to count quite a bit. Not saying the ability to play football is genetically passed from one generation to the next but it seems so oftentimes.

The elder Queen was far from a skill position player like QB. He was a 6-5, 272-pound HAWG. Still, he was a big-time athlete whose genes have made his offspring of similar construct.

So, does the younger Queen wish to play in The Horseshoe? Looking over his many social media postings, that is a safe bet. We have miles to go before we have to visit that decision. Lots of young phenoms, who are sons of former college players, end up at different schools than either mom or dad.

Still, just looking at Queen’s frame, he has a long, slender neck; he’s narrow at the shoulders and lengthy at his extremities. Dad is in the 6-6 range. We have every reason to forecast young Emmett will get to be considerably tall. He is framed out like a future tall-man.

Queen is listed at 5-8 and weighs 135-pounds presently. He’s 12-years old.

Heath Queen, Lodi Cloverleaf High School

QBHitList said, about Queen, that arm strength is among his most profound attributes. According to the nationally respected QB scouting, ranking, and recruiting service, Queen has the ability to make throws with high velocity, getting the ball on his receivers quickly.

Queen can throw the deep ball both well and easily. He delivers the ball over the top with a fully extended arm. He has been praised for his footwork.

Queen assesses defenses while working through progressions. Queen adjusts the velocity of his throws in accordance with the situation and the throw required of him.

Overall, this is a kid with the right frame, who is an accomplished and well developed craftsman for his age, and who has the right pedigree to succeed on the gridiron at a very high level. This is one of those moments we generally discuss. You might just write down this name.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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