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Daulton 'Tarter-Sauce' is about to take the field for his freshman year. He posed with Kentucky Future Stars Director, Ricco Hughes, this past summer

Former Kentucky Future Star ready for path most taken (by those like him)…the path to Friday Night glory!

Without question, Daulton Tarter is among the best ’26s at the LBer position entering the upcoming HS season. Who says that? Well about everybody, but for your purposes, we say it. Do you need to hear it from anyone else? Tarter is a physical freak who has worked himself into high school ‘playing shape’ though he has just entered high school. He will start for the Polar Bears in Class 1A, District 5, probably on night one, play one. Look out Bishop Brossart, there just may be a new sheriff in District 5.

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball’s Senior Scout

He’s called “Bubba” around Bracken County, Kentucky. We call him “Tarter-Sauce” around the magazine.

Why do we call him Tarter-Sauce? Everything he tackles just seems to go-down easy.

Daulton Tarter

Daulton Tarter is a perfect example of the ready-made, High School, football stars stockpiling KHSAA rosters fresh off middle school experience. If you are looking for a “play-alike” comparison, think former Future Star and present high school star linebacker, Kory Combs, from Breathitt County.

The two are eerily similar. As Kory had well over 100-tackles as a freshman a year ago from the same slot playing 2A football in the 7th-district. Combs’s picture and a link to his freshman highlights are below appearing.

The Polar Bears, in Class 1A, District 5, should be stoked about the upcoming season with the influx of new roster talent. It should likewise be excited about the type season it can reasonably expect to net from its star, second-level neophyte.

Daulton Tarter is everything you want in a Linebacker.

Ricco Hughes, Kentucky Future Star Director

Tarter, like so many former Kentucky Future Stars leaving its program for the bright lights of Friday Night football in Kentucky, is far from some normal, former middle school football player. Tarter is big (180-pounds, entering 9th-grade), fast (4.78-40 yard dash time), strong (215-pound bench press), and explosive (375-pound back squat).

Did we forget the part about his winning not one, but two Defensive MVP‘s from the Tennessee-Kentucky Future Stars annual showcase? Add that in there too.

Now presently Tarter is only 5’8″ tall. Remember, the kid’s in the 9th-grade and just barely.

There is plenty of time for his frame to “finish out.” He can find the additional 4-6 inches recruiters will want to see to recruit him as a linebacker. In the meantime, there is always his offensive slot of RB, where he is already appropriately framed and is in need of finding a measly two-tenths of a second off the old 40-time to be “just about dead solid perfect” for many programs.

Kory Combs, No.29, Photo: BSN

So what are the chances Daulton Tarter-Sauce lathers the field on August 26, 2022 when the Polar Bears host Lewis County in Brooksville, Kentucky? It is as close to a hundred-percent, sure-thing as any prediction a freshman will start for any team anywhere in Kentucky.

We were able to reach Kentucky’s Director for its Future Stars program, Ricco Hughes. Hughes runs the elite program for Kentucky prospects at that level of play anywhere across Kentucky.

Here is what Hughes had to say about Tarter…”Daulton Tarter is everything you want in a Linebacker. Tarter already runs a sub 4.8 in the 40 and everything he hits stops, dead in its tracks.

Tarter’s attitude, work ethic, football IQ, all match his superlative athleticism.

Ricco Hughes

Hughes went on to tell KPGFootball, “Tarter’s attitude, work ethic, football IQ, all match his superlative athleticism. Tarter’s an even greater young man than his being a two-time Kentucky Future Star would indicate about his play.”

Now Bracken County is coming off a 5-6 campaign in ’21. The Polar Bears have to contend, in district, with a Bishop Broussart squad which regularly makes deep playoff runs and was 12-1 just a season ago.

Developing talent like Tarter-Sauce will be key. Otherwise, this upcoming season may just end up smelling like bad fish.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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