Class of 2021 @LamontKennedy8 and his @GRC_Clark_FB teammates looking to ‘Discover’ their best warriors…

The man, George Rogers Clark was a surveyor, soldier, and military officer originally from Virginia. He became the highest ranking American patriot military officer in the northwestern frontier during the American Revolutionary War. He was quite the warrior.

After the war, Clark led militia in the opening engagements of the Northwest Indian War and was instrumental to the British ceding the entire Northwest Territory to the US in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Much like Clark’s efforts led to the discovery and, therefore, the conquering of the “Old Northwest,” the high-school named for Clark would like to discover some more on-field success toward conquering District 8 of the 6A classification.

They will need some warriors for this. Good thing they won’t have far to look for some.

If they are to “get there” they will need heavy contribution from linemen like Lamont Kennedy. Kenney is 6-1, weighs 285-pounds, and already boasts offers from some schools combing the Bluegrass for football talent. He is listed as an OL/DL prospect but KPGFootball believes him to be an interior OL guy at the next level.

Matter of fact, the kid would make a darn-fine OC. Why do we say that?

Well, centers are the captains of the offensive line. As such, they are responsible (the vast majority of time) for calling the run-blocking schemes and making the protection calls in the pass-game. In other words, they have to be smart, together with the other physical rigors of the job-requirements.

Kennedy reports a GPA of 3.438 with a registered ACT of 20. That clearly clearing the NCAA clearinghouse for immediate eligibility. He is also a track athlete, we are guessing in the throws (Shot and Discus), who is a two-sport captain showing the leadership required of all players who competently man the offensive center position.

The statistics registered online indicate he only played in 5-games in 2019. We know he is a first-team player, entering his senior season, so we can only assume he lost some of the year to injury. Either that, or the statistics are completely wrongs, which of the two is probably equally possible.

The team ran the ball effectively in 2019. They gained, in 12-games, 2,690-yards on the ground in 362-rushing attempts. They also scored 31-rushing TDs against Kentucky’s highest level of completion at the high school level.

George Rogers Clark returns maybe Kentucky’s premier running-back to finish things off in 2021 along with Lamont Kennedy. Last year, Azariah Israel gained over 195-yards a contest.

The 2021 RB gained 2,346-rushing yards, in 287-carries with 28-rushing TDs. He will be hoping that type production either maintains or increases. He will be very happy to have Kennedy in front of him leading the way again this year.

Regardless, Lamont Kennedy is one athlete who figures prominently in George Rogers Clark’s campaign against the other schools in the classification and the district. He will be instrumental in the fighting of that war. He is perfect built, physically and mentally, for that type of battle.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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