Cary Fowler is restoring the fire to the Dragons of Warren Central…

KPGFootball got the opportunity to stop in and visit with new head man Cary Fowler at the field house as members of his team were involved in some offseason strength and conditioning. We mentioned in an article entitled “Now this is a SPLASH HIRE…” published February 15, 2019, that hiring a high school head coach with 23-years college coaching experience, to include head coaching experience at that level, appeared a very wise decision to us. A trip down the highway to Bowling Green confirmed for us that our initial impressions were right on the money.

Unseld, third from right

The first thing one couldn’t help but notice was head basketball coach, William Unseld, was in the field house as part of Cary Fowler’s initial football staff and he wasn’t alone.

With him were all these long, tall, athletic and explosive athletes whom had come over to play football from a basketball program coming off a final four run this past season. Surely we don’t have to tell you the benefit of having athletes come out for football like the athletes the Dragons carry on its basketball roster. The edge and back-end length, explosiveness, change of direction quickness, and athleticism this team may have at its disposal next Fall will radically change the team’s trajectory. How could it not?

Cary Fowler

Another change we noticed, hard to exactly measure, was the team’s attitudinal difference. Having a football coach who has won multiple championships at multiple levels of college football has obviously impacted both the players returning and the ones out for football who otherwise wouldn’t be. It appeared obvious to KPGFootball the men had “bought in” and are ready to begin a “new day” in the Dragon football program.

There could always be more roster additions as WCHS heads into summer workouts. Bowling Green is a bustling city with plenty of industry and opportunity for both businesses and individuals to relocate in search of life opportunities. Those moving into Bowling Green will have plenty of options into which to enroll their children school-wise.

The area schools provide both first-rate facilities with first-rate extra-curricular options to go along with a first-rate, high school education. The newbies moving to Bowling Green, hoping to balance an education with a chance to benefit from excellent athletic development, can now add WCHS to its list of other area candidates providing such amenities.

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is F.W. Long, reminding all of you ballers out there to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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