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This guy is a real hoop hero, in addition to being the FB QB

’26 QB and multi-sport, varsity star has demonstrated incredible versatility

Carter Parsons is a 6’1,” 160 pound or so (we’re guessing) athlete who is multi talented on the gridiron and off. Last season, the dual threat QB from one of 2A’s better programs (10-2 in ’23) threw for 1,754-yards and 21-TDs while running for another 421-yards and three (3) scores. On the hardwood, he was a 13.5-PPG scorer who has already been offered by Kentucky Christian to play basketball collegiately. Having an athlete like this pulling the trigger for your offense is going to net you some wins, you can count on it.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Article Awarding him the Protein-packed Performer Award (Mingua Beef Jerky)


KHSAA stats for ’23

We have written about Carter Parsons on more than one occasion. We awarded him the prestigious Mingua Beef Jerky Protein-packed Performer weekly award in ’23 and mentioned him in the feature we published about his big-buddy and protector, Braxton Blackburn. We have linked the Mingua article above for your benefit.

Point is, Carter Parsons does things it is hard for anyone, covering middle and high school football, to ignore. Parsons had quite the sophomore year in 2023.

Parsons threw for 1,754-yards and 21-TDs. Parsons rushed for 421-yards and three (3) additional scores. Parsons was fifth on the team in scoring. Parsons registered a pair of tackles which brought to mind the question, “Why in the Hell are they risking injury by playing this dude on defense?”

Parsons is quite the athlete. We report on football players who play basketball. That fact aside, we rarely report on football players who average 13.5-PPG, 4.5-RPG, 4.8-APG, 2.3-SPG, shoot 70% from the foul stripe, 39% from the three (3) point line, and made numerous All-whatever teams.

There is no telling the number of football offers Parsons will eventually hold

Friday Night Fletch

Parsons is holding at least one basketball offer to play in college. There is no telling how many football offers will be forthcoming the summer between his junior and senior year.

This is from the ’22 season;
Parsons is No. 9 now

One has to remember, Parsons may not have a football offer YET; but the boy is a ’26 class member and presently a sophomore. Few football prospects net offers before the summer between the junior and senior years. It is why the junior season is considered, by evaluators, as being so “critical.”

Parsons is a prime-time performer. Betsy Layne is a top-notch, mountain, 2A program. These two facts should cross-sect nicely over the course of the ’24 Fall to make the Bobcats a legitimate, title contender.

If this doesn’t happen for any reason, it won’t be for a lack of effort from Carter Parsons. That much is for certain.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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