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Greenwell doesn't do too much lying around on the ground on Friday Nights!

290-pound offensive center removing all A-gap debris!

Coach at a small college once told me the ideal candidate to play for his school were athletes who have deficits unrelated to anything attributable to the athlete. I asked him wouldn’t it be better to find kids without deficits? He said, “Yeah right, Bub; where you going to find those?” Good point. Whatever short comings this prospect may have physically, he more than makes up for with the things over which he has control. Enjoy this feature.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout for KPGFootball

Offensive centers have a simple job. They are responsible for removing all the debris from the A-gap. A-gap problems are hard to deal with for offensive football teams as it is the most direct route to the offensive backfield and the football.

QB’s and RB’s can avoid pressure off the edge. Sure, they would rather see it coming than it surging from off the blind side, but even the blind side pressure can be “felt.” Pressure right up the gut; well, that just can’t happen.

Around the Flyer program it doesn’t happen. Carson Greenwell is a large reason why.

The first thing noticed about Carson Greenwell from Franklin County, by some college recruiters is his being slightly shorter than they might prefer. Of course, this height deficit is more important to some programs than others.

We can honestly say it isn’t the first thing we noticed. We noticed several other things.

We noticed, for instance, that while only 6’1,” Greenwell has rather long arms. We noticed he weighs 290, but looks 250, which means his weight is mostly comprised of dense muscle fiber and not fat cells.

We noticed he has a 3.86 GPA in the classroom which means he takes pride in his performance, on and off the field, and isn’t one to avoid hard or challenging work. We noticed he is a team captain for the Flyers so he doesn’t shy away from opportunities to lead.

We also couldn’t help but notice many, many college football programs were following him on Twitter. We have done this long enough to know the significance of that fact.

Greenwell is the center of attention in the geological center of one of Kentucky’s better high school fronts. The Flyers topped our 4A preseason poll.

Players returning like the ’23 stud center upfront for the 4A title contender is chief among our reasons for the lofty preseason rating. It is as good of a reason as any other.

Where do we see this prospect landing? Well, most division one programs will tell you they want centers in the 6’2″ to 6’3″ range.

This prospect coming in around 6’1″ may seem like an insignificant deficiency. However, in college football, short by an inch is short by a foot.

That doesn’t mean he won’t play division one, college football or that he can’t. We believe he has division one power, explosion, hand violence, temperament, leverage, and strength. Were he 6’3″…well you know how this sentence ends without our having to write it.

This is the kind a player a small college can target knowing it is getting an upfront player around whom it can build a conference championship or even a national title run. Greenwell can play at almost any level but has tremendous value at levels below the FBS or FCS.

Where will he end up? Who knows. Lets enjoy his senior season first!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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