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Riley Hatfield came up from the middle school ranks as lauded as any QB at that level in Kentucky. Being Featured on the former publication “Youth1” was highly prized in its day. Now that Boley has bolted, Hatfield may be the heir-apparent to seize the reigns of the offense this coming season. He’ll be ready if called upon.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member, KPGFootball

Cutter Boley is widely considered the best QB in Kentucky. He played for LaRue County in ’21. In ’22, he will suit up for Lexington Christian Academy.

In today’s football sphere, this is commonplace. One can never count on last year’s stars being around for next year’s season, even when that star has eligibility remaining.

With Boley bolting for “greener pastures,” who will take the reigns of the Hawks’ offense. The only other player to attempt a forward pass a season ago was ’24’s Conlee Crossno and he’s too important at RB and LB to be saddled with the QB duties.

We think a possible solution is right before the program’s eyes. What about Riley Hatfield?

Hatfield is a superior athlete. Hatfield plays basketball and runs track in addition to playing football.

Hatfield played in three games for the Hawks in his freshman campaign and that was on defense. While that isn’t a ton of reps, Hatfield acquitted himself nicely in limited play. Hatfield recorded 2-tackles and recovered a fumble.

Hatfield has a frame coveted for the QB position and he played that position quite well coming up through the middle school ranks. Hatfield was featured for his QB play by a national recruiting site (Youth1) and that particular outfit didn’t make a habit of featuring dogs.

Hatfield is 6’2″ tall with a frame which doesn’t look like it is through lengthening. He weighs 155-pounds and has plenty of length now, not to mention where the frame might well finish.

Perhaps his most impressive statistic is his 3.67 GPA. You know, QB is no place for the dim-witted.

From Youth1

We are calling Hatfield to QB for the Hawk program this coming season. We believe Hatfield has the tools, frame, athleticism, and intellectual intangibles to play that particular position at a very high level.

We also believe he will continue to be deployed at either safety or corner, in addition to where he plays on offense. Hatfield’s athleticism, intelligence, and length are commodities too prized to not see time on the defensive side of the football.

Yessir, it is time for Hatfield to step it up in ’22. Don’t worry Hawks, Hatfield is ready.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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