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ZaQuan Quarles from Christian County giving the Colonel faithful hope

ZaQuan Quarles is in the mold of the ‘Colonels of old’ in that he has the frame and length which used to consistently populate that roster. Christian County used to rule the roost at the highest levels of competition among western-Kentucky high school football programs. If they could get some more ZaQuan Quarles-types, they would beat a lot of teams around the region.

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member

We were at a recent Christian County practice. We had heard our friend Tony “Cheese” McCombs was to be there and didn’t miss the opportunity to visit with the former EKU All-American, NFL player, and now college recruiting coordinator and linebacker’s coach.

We asked Tony about whom he was there to recruit for his Warner University football team based in central Florida. Then ZaQuan Quarles trotted by the two of us. Tony didn’t even have to answer.

Quarles is listed at 6’2″ and 240-pounds. We believe that height may be on the conservative side. We believe him to be all of 6’3″ or certainly approaching it.

The 240 seems right. It could even be a little more.

He is framed out perfectly to play along a defensive line in college. He has the wing-span (length) to play end.

We didn’t get an exact wing-span on the kid. It looked in the 78-inch range.

Quarles is a ’23 kid from a Hopkinsville, Kentucky family steeped and chocked full of primetime, prep athletes. ZaQuan may be added to that list.

Quarles uses his length well to shed would-be blockers. He is twitchy and explodes from out of his stance and into gaps, easily able to access opposing offensive backfields causing havoc once getting there. Quarles plays consistently in the offensive backfield and not back in the laps of his linebackers.

While Christian County didn’t register defensive statistics from last season, we are told Quarles was among the team leaders in tackles, TFLs, and QB-sacks. If you will watch his highlights from his sophomore season (Sorry, best we could do), you will see examples of each.

Now the Colonels are no where even approaching some Colonel squads from yesteryear. We can remember Colonel rosters which would have unloaded 30 or so ZaQuan Quarles clones from off its bus. The present roster isn’t anywhere close to that loaded.

However, Christian County has the athletes sufficient to win ball games. That is something on which opponents better count. Even in one of the tougher districts (2nd; South Warren, Bowling Green Senior, Greenwood, Christian County High) in the 5A classification.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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