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JT Robbins, LBer, Nashville Christian

’24 LBer from Nashville Christian a ‘hot commodity’ this offseason

We cover out of state football players who may happen to be targeted and recruited to in-Kentucky, college football programs. Here is a student-athlete who embodies everything desirable and good about that term. He is 6’0,” weighs close to two-bills (200-pounds) and hits like a “jack-hammer.” He helped lead his Eagles to the Tennessee state title game in ’23. Can he build a conference champion and title contender in Danville?

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball


JT Robbins

Danville, KY: There are prospects who have no idea how good you have to be to gain opportunities to play at prestigious schools like Centre College. Centre boasts state of the art facilities and a universally respected academic regimen which provides exceedingly rare and sought after opportunities to both its students and athletes alike.

I remember being called by a friend of mine inquiring about Centre College once. This friend’s son was being offered and my opinion was being solicited.

I told this person asking me was probably likely to lead to an inflated opinion of the institution and its place in the academic world. You see, I am a lifelong Kentuckian, grew up in Kentucky, and have always held Centre College in the same regard as Yale.

Is Centre College Yale? Perhaps it isn’t; however, (as I before said) I am a Kentuckian and you will never convince me of that.

Is Centre College Yale?…I am a Kentuckian and you’ll never convince me it isn’t…

Friday Night Fletch

Centre has set its sights on attracting talent to its prestigious liberal arts college and the talent comes from all over the nation. One state regularly mined is the treasure trove of high school football toiling just beneath our southern, commonwealth boundary.

JT Robbins is a 6’0,” 200-pound hit-machine. In leading his “Eagles” to a title game appearance, Robbins registered nearly 90-tackles while stuffing his personal stat-sheet with a full accoutrement of other statistical anomalies.

Robbins recorded tackles for loss, a pair of QB-sacks, a pair of passes “broken up,” and three (3) fumble recoveries. Robbins earned DII-A, All Middle Region honors along the way.

We were able to interview Riley Howard, III, with the prestigious Elite 3 Foundation in Nashville. He was familiar with this prospect and able to lend to us his considerable insight.

“Robbins is consistently listed among the very best MLB/FB combo guys in the Volunteer state, particularly the talent-rich, mid-state area,” Howard told KPGFootball. “More importantly, because it takes this to be admitted to schools like Centre College; JT also sports a 3.9 GPA.”

Robbins is…listed among the very best MLB/FB combo guys in the Volunteer state…

Riley Howard, Elite 3 Foundation, Nasvhille, TN

Robbins identifies himself as a “believer,” signifying his faith (of course). We are “believers” in him, signifying our faith in his God-given ability to put Centre College in conference and (perhaps) national title contention.

Robbins’ dance card is pretty full. He is being pursued by Rhodes College, Sewanee, and even Berry College located in Georgia. These aren’t the only “birds of prey” circling this prospect.

Can Centre get this “big fish” in the proverbial boat? By golly, we’re pulling for the Colonels around this publication.

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