Jarvis Strickland, from Paducah Tilghman, is the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. @CoachJohn423 @supermax100 @NCEC_Recruiting @scoop1914 @coachthomp9 @pths_football @Coachjpatton @jarvisstrick14 @minguabeefjerky @840WHAS @KyHighFootball

June 14, 2024 Fletcher Long 0

Today we are thrilled to reward the play of perhaps the best OL prospect we have seen play anywhere in the commonwealth since we have been doing this. We are huge Jarvis Strickland fans. Enjoy this feature and don’t forget to get by your local Independence Bank and discover why and how our people, financial products, and services have started a revolution in the Kentucky banking industry. Friday Night Fletch.