What in the “Sam Hill” is going on in Harned, Kentucky?

So, you don’t think being 3-3 through six games is a big deal? What if I were to tell you the Breckinridge Tigers haven’t won three games in one football season since it went 3-8 in 2009? What if I were to tell you the Tigers from Harned, Kentucky, in the five seasons previous to the present one, had won 6 games combined? What if I were to tell you that, in beating Todd County Central (15-8), Ohio County (36-34), and Western (39-6), in 2018, they have beaten three teams which beat them, 14-6, 40-14, and 56-7, just last year in route to the team’s finishing 0-10 in 2017? What if I were to tell you that Breckinridge is, 6 games into the season, undefeated in district 3 of the 4A classification, notching a district win for the first time since 2010, when it beat a winless Atherton Rebels squad, 32-14? What do you think about that 3-3 now? You can see why those of us who regularly cover high school football in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are wondering just what in the Sam Hill is going on in Harned, Kentucky? Well, the answer is quite a lot. One possible solution to the riddle is the spectacular play, through the first six games, of RB/MLB Trevor Dyer.

Who is Trevor Dyer? Well, he may be one of the better kept secrets in Kentucky’s 2019 prospect class. Trevor, whose name KPGFootball has just cleverly made a link to his Hudl page, is a 6-1, 225 pound, wrecking ball on either offense or defense. Trevor has been timed at 4.9 seconds in the 40 yard dash, has shuttled at 4.56 seconds, bench presses 275 pounds, squats 455 pounds, and power cleans a cool 245. So far this season, Dyer has gained 553 yards rushing (92 yards per game), in 103 carries (approximately 5.37 yards per attempt), and has scored all 8 of the Tigers’ rushing TDs. On defense, Trevor has been even more impressive. Dyer has 71 tackles, in six games, with 6 tackles for a loss and two interceptions. If you were to lay all of the Tigers success on just this one player, you would be grossly in error.

The Tiger defense, which tends to bend but rarely breaks, has allowed 1,167 rushing yards in its six games, a figure Coach Hotell and his defensive staff have to find troubling. However, the pass defense has allowed just 434 yards through the air and has sacked the opposing QB 12 times in six games. The Defense has also recovered 6 fumbles and intercepted 6 passes. When your defense, in only 6 games, gains for the offense 12 unplanned possessions to go along with the ones the offense would get over the normal course of play, that is a statistic which can cover quite a few short comings, and thus far has. The Tigers are also getting superior play from Jacob Williams, who has 4 of the team’s 12 sacks and two TFLs, and Brycen Stafford, who, among his 44 tackles, has collected both 3 TFLs and 3 QB sacks.

So, getting back to the original question, what in the Sam Hill is going on in Harned, Kentucky…KPGFootball really doesn’t know if the question can be satisfactorily answered. Winning is going on, winning a district game is going on, and some players have both developed and contributed to the kind of play which is normally instrumental to success. At KPGFootball, we want the Tigers of Breckinridge County to know we have taken notice. The hard work is paying dividends. We aren’t the only ones noticing the improved play and dramatic results either. The 3rd district has noticed. Hell, for that matter, the whole 4A classification is standing up and taking notice. One thing is definitely sure, there is something going on in Harned, Kentucky…and that something should both continue and make upcoming opponents take the BCHS game more seriously than opponents have taken the contest in previous years.

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