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’25 DL tremendous athlete and wrestler

This player has everything one would want in frame. He is 6’5,” has length for days, both in his arms and legs. Moten looks the part of a D-I, college player right now, and is already getting offers at that level and he has yet to reach the summer between his junior and senior year. He calls himself, “slept on.” We don’t know to whom he is referring. We aren’t sleeping on him and neither is EKU who has already offered. Plenty more will be soon to join.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

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KPGFootball on the quality of Mingua’s product

I was at a game once between a Kentucky 5A football team playing a 6A team from our neighbor to the south (Tennessee). I was standing next to the father of the 5A team’s QB.

Travis Moten, DL, Fern Creek High

As these guys came off the bus, the father said, “Dang, these guys sure are big.” I looked at him curiously and responded, “What were you expecting to come off that bus; circus midgets?”

When you look at Fern Creek’s roster, you will see size. There will be tall players, players with length, players with heft, players who look like grown men, players who resemble greyhounds from an athletic standpoint.

This is true of programs all over Fern Creek’s level of competition. Like I asked the QB’s dad on the night in question…”It’s Kentucky 6A. What are you expecting to come off the bus; circus midgets?”

“What are you expecting to come off the bus; circus midgets?”

Friday Night Fletch

Fern Creek is no joke. The Tigers won five of its first six out of the gate in ’23, lost to the defending 6A Champions by a single score and a conversion, and finished the year 7-5.

Coach Josh Abell has the guys trending in the right direction. Yes, his roster looks like a Kentucky 6A roster.

Fern Creek boasts one of Kentucky’s better ’25 defensive line prospects. Travis Moten is a long, tall, drink of water that swallows ball carriers and QB’s like a black hole swallows celestial bodies.

We would put Moten in the 6’5,” 260-pound range but he could be heftier. He is muscled up well and awfully tall and frames like that can hold more pounds than appearances initially indicate.

Moten plays RT on the offensive line and DE on defense. One doesn’t see too many playing two ways at the 6A level. Moten is also an accomplished wrestler, the skills from which he borrows when using his hands to free himself from would be blockers.

Moten is 6’5,” and carrying a 3.7-GPA which makes him recruitable as all get-out!

Published to his “X” account

There aren’t too many around Kentucky doing too much to block this cat. Last year, he registered 83-tackles, 17.5-TFLs, and 10.5 QB-sacks. On top of this, Moten forced a fumble and recovered two.

Keep an eye on this guy here. He will stockpile D-1 offers and make plenty of All-State football teams. We’ll vote for him.

Join us next week as we return to honor another weekly prize winner. Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from the competition. Remember, our product is superior and one of a kind; just like Fern Creek High’s, Travis Moten. 

This is Friday Night Fletch reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron and reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE. Don’t forget to SAVOR THE FLAVOR! 

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